Worst Gifts Ever: Take Our Survey

The Knicker Ladies are conducting a breakthrough experiment. We, at Enclosed, are all about stupendous gifts, so now we want to know what is the worst gift you have ever gotten. Take our one minute survey to tell us what it was and why it was so dreadful. Since our survey is completely anonymous, give us every dirty detail on just how ugly that sweater Great Aunt Muriel knitted for you really was. Keep checking back on our blog and social media for our ground-breaking results.

Tell how about your worst gift ever . . .

Some of the results . . .

  1. A vacuum cleaner. I wept.
  2. It was a purple houndstooth fedora. A size too small.
  3. An assortment of hotel toiletries together with a single travel candle that was obviously once part of a set of multiple travel candles (but it smelled delicious).
  4. Someone gave me freebies that they received from their work and an item they probably already had in their house. I think it was like a cheap tote bag with their company name on it and a small glass cat that looked used.
  5. A velvet tracksuit from the thrift store where my aunt volunteers
  6. Expired cans of peanuts. I don’t even like peanuts.
  7. I received a large pink and white scarf from h&m that had giant Pom poms on the end. While I do like scarves, I like more subtle and lightweight ones, not oversized winter ones with deers. The thought was nice, but then I found out it was picked out not by the gift giver, but a mutual friend he had run into while shopping. (Cries)
  8. I think it was something my grandma found in her closet
  9. They regifted me something hella old
  10. A horrible looking mug in the shape of a Polaroid camera
  11. The gifter thought she had done a really good job at picking out a cute scarf and of course I had to say that I loved it. It was a black scarf with sparkles from some place like limited too.
  12. See’s candy. I love See’s candy. Broke it open a month after receiving it. Why are there white streaks on it. Maybe it melted. Took a bite. Ewwww. It was hard and stale. Figured out it was frozen from a previous holiday. Possibly it was something they received and then gave to us!
  13. A DVD of the Tinkerbell movie, a Zhu Zhu pet for kids 4 and up, and granola bars when I was 16.
  14. It was beyond Huxtable sweater
  15. He got me a computer hard drive for our anniversary ?
  16. A sewing machine that doesn’t work for my birthday last year. ? points for effort I guess
  17. I broke up with him for his birthday
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