7 Tips To Fire-Up Your Love Life This Holiday Season

From buying gifts to traveling for family, you might find yourself getting lost in all the holiday chaos and letting your love life take a back seat in Santa’s sleigh. Don’t let the madness of the holidays kill your relationship magic. Keep your love life out of the cold with these sure-fire ways to get your firewood burning this season.

Love Life Tip 1: Don’t Wait to Be Under the Mistletoe

exceeded expectations customer reviewVisiting the family for the holidays isn’t the sexiest of getaways, but it shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying a special weekend with your beau. It might be easy to dismiss any type of affection when your parents are a room over but it’s important to make an effort and prioritize alone time. Grab a snog wherever you can! If you aren’t sure how to initiate sexy time, surprise your partner with your favorite piece of lingerie and let your body do the talking.

Love Life Tip 2: Decorate Your Cookies

Desserts luxury decadentGet messy in the kitchen and bake each other’s favorite holiday treats. Use this baking experience to create flirty competition between you and your partner. Regardless if you choose to do this in the nude or fully dressed, just make sure you save some chocolate for later! Not only will this leave you with some tasty treats, but it will help you spend quality time together during the hectic holidays!

Love Life Tip 3: Become Santa’s Little Helper

best christmas gift wifeToss those ugly Christmas sweaters out the window and spice things up with some roleplaying! Nothing is sexier than dressing up in all red, so put on your best Christmas panties and Santa hat and let your fantasies run free. If you want to take it to the next level, you can decide whether your partner is on the naughty or nice list.

Love Life Tip 4: Bundle Up To Each Other

intimacy tip couple kissingIf you’re struggling to find a way to embrace the cold weather keeping you indoors with your significant other, then turn your place into your own personal spa. Giving each other massages is a fun way to spark intimacy before the real fun. Incorporate essential oils like cinnamon bark, whose spicy and warm aroma will surely set the mood and reveal any tension.

Love Life Tip 5: Get Festive

sexy christmas panties and christmas treeIt might seem tempting to stay in and hibernate all winter long but the holiday season is packed full of fun parties. Give yourself a sexy night out with your partner, and let the eggnog flow! Feel confident by changing out of your Christmas sweatpants and into something sultry. A change of scenery might just help jingle your partner’s bells and have them wanting to ride the sleigh all night long.

Love Life Tip 6: Naughty Stocking Stuffers

quality kinky lingerie customer reviewWant to add a sexy little shock to your boring old gift exchange? Leave little surprises in your partner’s stocking leading up to Christmas, like sex toys to liven up your love life or premature ejaculation spray to help kick any performance-related stress and keep the lovemaking going longer. Keep the gifts small and enjoyable for both, and if you’re on a tight budget, create personal naughty coupons to introduce sensual activities you both would love.

Love Life Tip 7: Get Wrapped Up

tip for love life wrap upIf you’re stuck on what exactly to get that special someone, then think outside of the box! Grab some red ribbon and make yourself the gift. Your beau won’t be able to resist unwrapping you a little early. Other fun activities like decorating in the nude with your special someone will surely leave you two cuddling by the fire!

Prioritize yourself and that special someone, and don’t let the busy holiday season get in the way of making the naughty list.

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