Best New SF Shopping District: The Dogpatch

For Gifts, Clothing or Just Walking Around, SF’s Dogpatch Is The New Place To Shop

Let’s just say it. San Francisco is not a shopping city. It’s got great food, wonderful outdoors, but it’s no shopping mecca. But San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood is the new shopping gem of the Bay Area. The following is round up of the shops of Dogpatch.

And no, we haven’t included the food. Ah, the wonderful food of Dogpatch. But that we will save for another blog post.

b8ta: Touch The Tech Of Tomorow

1699 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94158
b8ta callse themselves a “software-powered retailer creating interactive shopping experiences that are mutually beneficial for consumers and makers”. It looks like a Apple store, but what does that mean? Well, you can go in and try out the products – everything from ebikes to robots and other cool stuff. And it’s so new there isn’t even a yelp review. (I’ll update when I’ve dropped in this pod-like commercial enterprise.)

B8ta tech shopping in dogpatch

Bryr Clogs: Custom Trendy Delicious Footwear

2331 Third St. b/t 22nd St & 20th St., Dogpatch
Clogs are hot right now. And Bryr is one of two brands that have hit every fashion blog. Every pair of Bryr clogs are hand-made by Isobel Schofield and her small team in their combined store workshop which opens right onto Dogpatch’s Third street. People are obsessed with these clogs. Seriously. Their annual sample sales generate lines around, and around the block.
Although the prices aren’t cheap, I love that their clogs are made to order by hand in their SF studio by a crew of women! How amazing it that?
E Z.’s Review of Dogpatch’s Bryr on Yelp

Bryr Clogs shopping SF's Dogpatch

Cup Of Ceremony: An Experiential Candle Voyage

797 22nd St., San Francisco, CA 94107

Inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony, Cup of Ceremony is an experimental, sensory voyage through scent, taste, sight and touch using custom candle creation as the means of transport.  Now, is this shopping? We are not sure. We just know it is in Dogpatch and we want to do it.

They sell artisan hand poured candles in a beautiful cement base. The scents are sophisticated, clean and luxurious. The products fit right in to the beautiful interior.
Daniel K.’s Review of Dogpatch store Cup of Ceremony on Yelp

cup of ceremony candle from dogpatch sf

The Daily Driver’s Corner Store

2535 3rd Street, right in the Dogpatch

Plunge into the cavernous, stylish new bagel place and there on one side you’ll find what they are calling a “corner store”. Part cookware, part gifts, part whimsy, we like where this is headed.

daily driver corner store in dogpatch

Dependable Letterpress: Dogpatch’s Own Custom Printing

1192 Illinois St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Dependable is nice, but sounds rather boring, doesn’t it? The artistic, quality output of this place is really far more than dependable. Using vintage presses and experienced craftspeople, this letterpress is worth a visit even if you aren’t going to have exquisite cards, invitations, stationery, art, wine labels, books, or whatever made just-for-you.

While Dependable Letterpress is primarily a place for getting custom orders of stationery, business cards and wedding invitations printed, they have a selection of in-house-printed paper goods such as greeting cards, gift tags, notepads and posters and prints. They’re always happy to show visitors the process of printing with vintage presses.

“The quality is the best in SF.” (Nuf, said, right?)
Olivia W. Review of Dogpatch store Dependable Letterpress on Yelp

dependable letterpress shop in dogpatch

[ENCLOSED]: SF’s Largest Lingerie Store Offering High-End Custom Lingerie Services

156 Mississippi Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, off Illinois Street in Potrero Hill/ Dogpatch
When you first walk into the “Storage” building you are 100% sure you are in the wrong place. But go upstairs, find suite 17 and reveal one of the Bay Area’s true treasures; a veritable warehouse of  ultra-high-end designer lingerie offerings. While the “knicker ladies” encourage you to set up an appointment in advance so they can cater to your specific lingerie needs, they do take drop-ins.

Call to make an appointment: 1.800.653.2970 (M-F, 9 AM – 5 PM Pacific)

Note bene; gentlemen as well as ladies are most welcome as Enclosed focuses on lingerie as a gift, so anyone may avail themselves of the services that this incredible lingerie mecca offers.

Thoughtful, beautifully packaged romantic gifts are far and few between. enclosed is the real deal. my wife loves everything they curate and and the packaging is perfect. it doesn’t hurt that i happen to like the gifts too!
Jascha K. Review of Dogpatch store Enclosed on Yelp

lignerie gifts from Enclosed in SF dogpatch

Hugomento: Zen Selection Of Art & Objects

807 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Part gallery, part shop, part just lovely space to see, Hugomento offers a small, exquisitely presented range of objects in a tiny zen space. While the offerings change, the focus is on pottery and textiles. The style is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Asian aesthetics and forms.

dogpatch's hugomento pottery

Industrious Life: Curated, Quality Gifts

1095 Tennessee St, San Francisco, CA 94107
The perfect store for anyone who hates Hallmark. (Dear reader, I hope you are one of us.) Featuring contemporary and vintage design with items from Blabla dolls (freakishly lovely and adored by kids) to carefully curated jewelry, Industrious Life is a pleasure to peruse. I would travel across the city to shop here, but luckily, I live in Dogpatch so don’t have to. Patti and Patti, the owners, are lovely and ever-helpful without ever pressuring one to buy. (That said, I honestly get the two women confused. Go figure.)
Great funky local shop. I stop in frequently as the goods are always changing. They carry a well-curated mix of new, local, and vintage items.  . . . the quality of everything is excellent.
N B. Review of Dogpatch store Industrious Life on Yelp

dogpatch shopping at industrious life

M A C Modern Appealing Clothing

2331 Third St. b/t 22nd St & 20th St., Dogpatch
I have a hard time writing about this quirky Dogpatch shop as I think I’m not cool enough to really understand it. Beautiful design? Doubtless. Elegant apparel? Clearly. Who shops here? Perhaps David Byrne.

Goop (yes, that Goop) writes, “Focusing primarily on Belgian and Japanese designers (Engineered Garments, Dries Van Noten, Comme des Garçons), the long-standing MAC is one of the city’s primary destinations for edgier labels.” I’ll let their website further explain, “Handsome clothing from far and near , including the new Ted Muehling jeweley collection.” Hm.

M A C Modern Appealing Clothing_mac

Mid-Century Modern Finds: Treasures For The Home

435 23rd Street (By Appointment Only)
Christine and Carlos Villalta started Mid-Century Modern Finds ten years ago, focusing on finding and restoring vintage furniture, lighting, art, and accessories. I’ve gotten a chance to see their warehouse so know they have an amazing eye for design. Their space is filled with outstanding, beautiful usable home goods most of which you can find on their website, or make an appointment to see the home goods IRL.
Christine and Carlos are great curators of furniture from designers like Wegner, Baughman, and Pearsall, just to name a few. . . . They are super cool.
Brando P. via Yelp

MidCentury Modern Finds dogpatch shop

Museum of Craft and Design Store: Sweet Design-Forward Awesomeness In the Dogpatch

2569 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
There’s a museum in the Dogpatch? With an really excellent store? Yes and yes. Featuring design-centric books, jewelry, home goods and more, this is really a perfect place to shop for your design-snobby* friends and family. This Christmas I’ll be buying the adorable Wooden Rabbit Stacker Toy for all the tots on my list.

* And design-snobby, is not a bad thing. Own it.

Note, you can visit our store without purchasing an admission ticket to the museum. But why would you? The museum is awesome too.Museum of Craft and Design Store

Rickshaw Bagworks: Fresh Bags Made Daily

904 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107 Dogpatch
While the Rickshaw store is actually formally closed, I’m including it in this roundup as I really love the place. I first learned of their awesome home-grown product when my then employer, Turo, got each of us individualized bags. My pink and beige messenger has been a favorite ever since.

Nothing against Timbuk2 and Chrome messengers, but with Rickshaw, I get a little added fuzz factor in my heart knowing that I’m supporting a local SF business. Great company, good service. Love my bag. Check ’em out!”
Deanna Y. on Dogpatch’s Rickshaw Bags via Yelp

rickshaw bag works freshbags-sewing

Stashed SF: The Dogpatch Source For Hip Clothing

2360 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Before Stashed SF came to the Dogpatch ‘hood I thought that stores like this only existed in New York. My first glimmer of this cool new destination came when I saw a line all the way down third at 8 AM. It was all the more legit-than-hipster folks waiting for a shoe drop.

Stashed stocks sneakers and apparel, but it really is an experience therefore worth dropping buy even if you aren’t in then market for kicks. This place makes fashion-backwards SF look good.

“I was able to do more shopping here in 1 hour than a week in Tokyo.”
Kevin G. on the Dogpatch store, Stashed, via Yelp

Stashed_sf store dogpach shopping

Triple Aught Design: Hardcore Gear Awaits

660 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
When I first found Triple Aught the gear is so good looking I thought it was a shop for form-over-function driven faux outdoors people. But I was wrong. (Can you imagine that?) The goods here are super-functional, field-tested AND good looking.

Heads-up for the females; while I’m happy to report the store now offers a line of women’s wear, the store itself is pretty testosterone saturated, so may feel intimidating to women. But lean-in and go. I know you can do it.

“This location in Dogpatch feels very appropriate to the brand, the selection is good– they definitely hold back some gear from online for the store itself.”
Brian W. about Dogpatch store Triple Aught Design on Yelp

Triple Aught Design shopping dogpatch

Tina Frey Designs: Sublime Resin Household Objects

1485 Bancroft Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124 USA
There is something uber-satisfying about resin. Couple that juicy tactile feel with the organic shapes of Tina Frey’s work and you have something really special. Minimalist and elegant, these simple household objects are sublime gifts for anyone with any sense, or your sweet self.

I personally want something from her “lapin collection” for jack-rabbit obsessed self. Let’s see who reads this and thinks of me this Christmas.

Tina Frey Designs in dogpatch

Velocipede: Dogpatch’s Own-Possibly SF’s Best-Bike Store

2405 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Velocipede is legit. The real deal. Real bikers selling goods they believe in. Fred and the team genuinely want to help you whether it is getting a new ride for your tween or upgrading your road kit. They have a full range of products and services from electric bikes to repairs on your fixie.

“Absolutely the best, and still most organic homegrown shop there is. These guys know their stuff, for real. Don’t waste your time anywhere else.”

Casey F. via Yelp

dogpatch velocipede bike shop

Warriors Shop: Golden State Merch Mecca

660 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
One of these things is not like the others, right? Well, if you are looking for mass-market branded apparel, the Warriors shop at Chase Center is where it’s at. Not exactly bespoke or artisan, but certainly will draw the crowds to the Dogpach.

Oh, and the indoor ramps all over the store are super-fun if you are say, two years old and want to ride your Skuut bike throughout.

warriors shop at chase center in dogpatch

The Wine House

829 26 street. Yes, in the Dogpatch.
Is a wine house anything like a gingerbread house? Is it made of wine? The answer is yes. And I would like to move in. This place is the perfect destination to find your wine-loving self or friend a perfect holiday gift. While the shop started in 1977 as a French importer with a strong focus on Bordeaux, their current range is extraordinary. Their wine-of-the-month club sounds like the perfect pairing with a lingerie of-the-month club, right?

the wine house in dogpatch

Workshop Residence

797 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Walk into Workshop Residence and you’ll find yourself craving things you didn’t even know existed. A handcrafted wood and powder-coated metal dustpans with a block-style hand broom for $98. Now it’s on my Christmas list. But the real pleasure of this store is just drinking in the eclectic offerings that make the phrase “curated collection” desirable rather than tiresome. Stop by this studio store often as the offerings evolve monthly.

Never before have I stumbled into a place that I felt was so in tune with what’s happening “now” in the world, in a way that nobody else has yet thought of. Like pop-up shops, indie markets, slow food, and makers/DIYers this workshop/gallery/store is on the pulse of something current.
Tracey A. via Yelp

Workshop Residence dogpach studio and store

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