How to Get Your Skin Lingerie-Ready

Lingerie-Ready Skin

woman in lingerie with beautiful skin

Bumps, blemishes, dark spots, roughness – you don’t want to be dealing with any of these things when you’re planning a special night with some knockout lingerie. Fortunately, a smooth and sleek body is easier to achieve than many realize – here are the five steps you need to follow to get there.

Use a Natural, pH-Balanced Cleanser

Cleanliness is everything, but finding a cleanser that can safely be used all over your body, including around intimate areas, can be a challenge. These delicate parts of your skin are highly absorbent, making them more prone to sensitivities caused by harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Many cleansers also disrupt the skin’s natural pH level, which can lead to redness, itching, and irritation.

The first step is to make sure that your body wash is fragrance-free. Then, check that it’s pH-balanced. Keep in mind that while your skin’s natural pH is between 5-6, your intimate areas are slightly more acidic, around 3.8-4.5. So, going for something with a pH between 4.5-5 would be your best bet.

Exfoliate Your Body

Now that your skin is squeaky clean, it’s time to slough away those rough and dead skin cells, revealing the fresh, smooth, lingerie-ready skin beneath.

Body scrubs tend to be the most common way to exfoliate, but don’t discount the power of chemical exfoliants. They’re actually far gentler and more effective than their physical counterparts, and offer up numerous other skin benefits too. If you have normal or oily skin, look into glycolic acid, while those with dry or sensitive skin should consider lactic acid.

woman in lingerie exfoliating skin to get ready for date night

Tackle Dark Spots

So many women experience hyperpigmentation around their intimate areas, no matter the color of their skin. These dark spots are not harmful, so if they don’t bother you, then leave them be. However, if you’d like to remove them, keep in mind that there’s no quick fix. That said, now would be a good time to introduce a vitamin C serum into your body skincare routine. This will help to lighten dark spots and brighten your skin in a matter of weeks.

While vitamin C serums are most commonly used on the face, they’ll work just as well as a spot treatment on your body too. Ideally, try to find a product that combines vitamin C with other brightening ingredients – the Maelove Glow Maker is one popular example.

Hair Removal Options

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things natural when it comes to body hair. However, if you’d prefer a smooth, hair-free finish, there are several permanent and semi-permanent hair removal options out there. The most popular at-home methods are waxing, shaving, and using a hair removal cream.

Waxing will last you the longest of the three, and will give you the smoothest finish. However, it can also cause some serious irritation, so schedule your wax for at least a few days before you plan on slipping into that lingerie. Follow up with soothing skin creams – aloe vera will help to keep any inflammation to a minimum.

On the other hand, shaving will need to be done closer to the time. Many find it to be the easiest and most convenient hair removal method, with the biggest downsides being razor burn and ingrown hairs. However, these can be avoided – pair a sharp razor with a lubricating foam to prevent burns and rashes, while exfoliating before shaving will tease out any ingrowing hairs.

hair removal for lingerie

Finally, we have hair removal creams. Some of these can be pretty powerful, but that also means that they’re likely to be formulated with very harsh chemicals. While you may be able to use them on your legs without any issues, always perform a patch test before applying a hair removal cream on intimate areas. It would also be advised to find a formula that’s been specifically designed for this – it’ll be gentler on your skin than creams designed for other parts of your body.

Soothe, Soften, and Glow

The final step is an easy one – moisturize, moisturize, and then moisturize again. This may seem like overkill, but a moisturizer will keep your skin cells hydrated and plump, meaning a softer and smoother finish to your skin.

You should already be moisturizing your body daily, but don’t be afraid to slather on an extra layer before putting on your lingerie. Just be sure to give your skin a minute or two to dry first, so that you don’t end up smearing your body cream over that delicate fabric. This can lead to oily stains on your lingerie, which definitely wouldn’t be attractive!


Spend time giving your skin some extra TLC and you’ll be rockin’ your lingerie with so much more confidence and attitude. That head-to-toe glow will have you looking better than ever, which is exactly what you want when slipping into a jaw-dropping number!