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So I was driving home from the [ENCLOSED]‘s offices and store in San Francisco listening to SiriusXm mulling over what to cook for dinner (yes, I know, sexy stuff) and happened upon a radio show that truly resonated with me. I heard real people – men and women of all ages – calling in with heartfelt, challenging questions about sex and relationships. But what set this show appart was the quality and tenor of the host’s responses. This “Doctor Emily”, as I learned she was called, was warm, thoughtful, insightful and knowledgable. She was applying her expertise in ways that were going to positively impact these people’s sex, lives and sex lives.

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That’s when I had my ah-ha moment; these are our people. These people that are calling in to Dr. Emily are so similar to [ENCLOSED] members. In both cases – when calling Dr. Emily or subscribing to [ENCLOSED] – people are looking for insight, tools and assistance in helping themselves and their significant others feel good about themselves and their sexuality.

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Just as Sex With Emily isn’t just answering questions, [ENCLOSED]isn’t about  the packaging with rose petals, or even the high end lingerie. The point of [ENCLOSED] is the way it makes you feel. By giving [ENCLOSED] you show the woman you love that you find her beautiful and desirable. In receiving [ENCLOSED], you get a tangible demonstration of love; every month when you open that iconic box, you know that someone finds your sexy and deserving of feeling totally adored.

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So, if your not yet familiar with Sex With Emily, check it out. If you’r new to the world of [ENCLOSED]‘s luxe lingerie gifts, take a look at some seriously gorgeous panties or super-sexy lingerie gifts. Read what some of our 30,000+ our members say about the experience of giving and receiving [ENCLOSED].

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P.S. If you are looking for a coupon code for a discount on your lingerie gift, just message us mentioning Sex With Emily and we’ll hook you up.

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