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November Exclusive Dollhouse Bettie

Exclusive to Our Subscribers

Do you have a hankering for something truly luscious, yet utterly different? Enter the “Josephine”, the newest knicker from Enclosed. This decadent thong by Dollhouse Bettie is exclusively available to Enclosed Subscribers during the month of November.

The Collaboration

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Born and bred in Dollhouse Bettie’s Downtown San Francisco atelier, Josephine embodies the city’s timeless sensibilities and unique aesthetics. During the month of November, you can receive the Josephine exclusively through Enclosed where it will be delivered in a luxury keepsake box and surrounded by real fragrant flower petals. For those living in San Francisco, this one-of-a-kind lingerie treat can be delivered in as little as five hours! For the rest of the world, two-day overnight delivery is available.

The Josephine, By Dollhouse Bettie

The Josephine thong panty is made of dainty and exceptionally soft hand cut eyelash lace. The sophisticated style sports a sexy yet elegant look and a flattering, hip-hugging cut, perfect for any special occasion. The partnership between Dollhouse Bettie and Enclosed will bring this unique piece to Enclosed subscribers a month sooner than anywhere else in the world, and is the initial offering of a four style collaboration between the two women owned local San Francisco companies.

The Enclosed Dollhouse Bettie collaboration sees the online retailer featuring and debuting the lingerie brand’s new holiday style, the “Josephine” thong.

-Lingerie Journal

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Hola Espana! Bonjour France! We Now Ship Internationally!

We’ve got big news . . . Now, the knicker fun is not just limited to the residents of United States and Canada. Thanks to the numerous inquiries from international shoppers, [ENCLOSED] is now delivering worldwide.

Our high-quality knickers come from all over the world, so we want to give our love back to the fellow knicker givers in the world. Wherever you (or your loved ones) are, we will deliver a hand-selected pair of panties in the lovely keepsake box each month. We ship all of our boxes via USPS and it’s affiliates. There is an additional charge for deliveries outside of the USA and Canada of $20 per month.

Online checkout is not yet available for many countries, therefore if you would like a delivery outside of the USA or Canada, please contact us directly. We can usually have your gift ready and shipped the same day.

Please note that due to restrictions on plant products, we cannot include the flower petals in shipments to some countries.

Thank You To Our Military

Military Discounts for Lingerie GiftsMilitary Discount

We truly appreciate all that our military women, men and their supportive families do. We offer our active military and veterans a 15% discount on all our panty and lingerie subscriptions. To obtain our military discount, please email* us to get a coupon code . . .

Memorial Day Giveaway

military thong giftAre you or your honey bunny in the military (or a veteran)? Then we’d like to extend our thanks by sending your some adorable camo style knickers. Enter your information below and we’ll follow up with an email* on how to redeem your free panties.

* If possible, please use your .mil military email address as that is the fastest way for us to confirm your eligibility. 

Thank you for your service.

support military testimonialDetails & Terms Of Giveaway

Military discount and giveaway available to military, veterans as well as gifts that are being shipped to an APO/FPO/DPO.

Offer ends Monday, May 27, 2019 or while supplies last. Free military gift panties will be sent out by May 30, 2019.

Offer valid for new customers/ recipients only.

Military gift panties are available in sizes extra-small to extra-large. Note, this saucy thong may be in camo, but it is certainly not made for blending in. See more on our military-themed gifts for women here . . .

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Trend Watch: Sheer Bikinis

sheer bikiniYes, the beloved bikini is back. The trend we love right now is an ultra-sheer, loose and cinched at the edges sheer bikini look. Usually this look is done in a bikini, but it also works on a loose thong. We recommend wearing these loosely, i.e. even going up a size so the knickers sit just so.

These gorgeous examples of sheer bikinis are all by Beautiful Bottoms, hailing from Merry Old England. Of course, we are featuring this style this spring, so feel free to request one of these lovely numbers with your order.

Keep Calm And . . .

Our latest proclamations . . .

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Keep Calm and Keep Those Knickers In a Twist




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Keep Calm and Wear Your Date Night Knickers

Keep Calm and Wear Your Date Night Knickers

Delivering Something Decidedly Different this Valentine’s Day

The Gift of Luxe Panties Delivers Tasteful But Tantalizing Wow

See the press release on the wire . . .

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December. 16, 2013 – Enclosed, a high-end panty subscription club offers gents the Valentine’s Day gift of her dreams: the first-ever subscription to upscale knickers which are packaged in real flower petals and delivered in a keepsake box.

Every man wants to give the woman he loves something different. He wants to go beyond the cliches of chocolate and pink hearts, yet he wants a gift that is safe, something that he knows she will love. Enter Enclosed, the recently launched innovative panty club that delivers lingerie that she is sure to adore. Options include a month, a season or a year of ultra high-quality, elegant panties, with prices ranging from $50-$500.

Delivering Wow, This Valentine’s Day

“Wow. Just blown away by the product, the packaging and the experience all together,” said Enclosed customer Sean Courtney of San Francisco, California. “The fit of the panties was spot on. Since I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to picking the size of a woman’s undergarments, I was overwhelmed. But seeing them on her, I was elated with the way they fit.” He candidly added, “She’s pumped. I’m pumped that she’s pumped!”

The Gift That Gives Above and Beyond Valentine’s Day

Flowers die, the caloric count of chocolate isn’t always appreciated and jewelry is risky. Part of the beauty of Enclosed is that it is sustained for months to come, like the ongoing nature of his love for her. A one-time gift is $50 (plus shipping); 3 months is $140; 6 months is $270; and 12 months is $500. To mark the company’s inaugural Valentine’s Day holiday, all multi-month packages will receive free shipping.

A Collective Sigh Of Relief From Men

Enclosed makes gift-giving simple. The website removes the challenges of fit, selection and size, by choosing the ideal knickers for each woman, based upon a few questions during the ordering process. Also easing his fears, is a no questions asked return policy.

About Enclosed

Launched in November of 2013, based in San Francisco, and currently serving the US, Enclosed is a luxe panty subscription club, delivering a month, a season or a year of unforgettable lingerie. Enclosed offers a month, a season, half-a-year or a year of ultra high-quality, elegant panties with prices ranging from $50 to $500. Made of the highest quality, the elegant knickers are beautifully packaged in real flower petals and a keepsake box. See all the details at