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Giveaway: Win Three Months of Killer Knickers!

We are more than thrilled to announce our collaboration with Australian lingerie brand KISSKILL to give away three months of designer knickers. Each month for three months, the winner will be sent a different pair of KISSKILL knickers in the custom Enclosed keepsake box, nestled in a bed of real rose petals. So if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have a secret admirer send you the most luxurious gifts in the mail, now is your chance. . .

Enclosed Kisskill giveaway

KISSKILL Lingerie: Killing It From Melbourne, Australia

From the moment we spied KISSKILL, we were eager to be one of the first and very few retailers in the US to carry this edgy upstart of a brand. Based out of Melbourne, Australia, designer Jane Carrodus founded KISSKILL out of a love for designing feminine pieces while taking risks. In the name, KISS represents the soft, feminine side of a woman’s personality, while KILL references the allure of a woman’s sexuality and instinct: literally, killer sex appeal.

KISSKILL is not about underwear – worn simply for function – but about lingerie – that conjures up a sense of intrigue and mystery surrounding what lies beneath. And that is exactly why we love KISSKILL. For you will never see a piece of underwear in the [ENCLOSED] offices. But you will see beautiful KISSKILL knickers in jewel-toned silks trimmed with eyelash lace, dainty bows and decadent tulle.

How to Win KISSKILL Panties

Click here to enter to win knickers for yourself or a loved one in the giveaway before July 1st.

The winner may chose from sizes extra-small, small, medium and large knickers. The giveaway is open to contestants from the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Europe. Last day to enter is July 1, 2015. Good luck!

Increase Your Chances of Winning!

Share the giveaway on Facebook or Twitter or refer a friend to get extra chances to win (you’ll be prompted after you enter)! The giveaway ends on July 1 so enter here . . .

Enclosed Kisskill giveaway

madame supertrash lingerie designer

Madame Supertrash

Madame Supertrash: High Street Meets Luxury

Dutch lingerie and clothing brand Madame Supertrash is all about luxury, pleasure and indulgence, of which we are highly supportive. We love Madame Supertrash for the way they make even the most modest bikini edgy, modern and ultra-sexy.

Supertrash: The Madame Who Knows What She Wants

madame supertrash pantiesSupertrash was founded by fashion entrepreneur Olcay Gulsen in 2004 with a mission to bridge the gap between High Street and luxury labels. Olcay envisioned creating a strong lifestyle brand that would empower women across the world; a brand that would make affordable luxury a reality.

“Madame Supertrash is for the contemporary, independent woman, who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go get it. Madame Supertrash takes inspiration from all over the world. Designing each collection with strong, modern, contemporary women in mind.”

Request Madame Supertrash For Your Sultry Self

So . . . do you know what you really want in this life? Then don’t forget to note in the special request section during checkout that you’d like Madame Supertrash in one of your [ENCLOSED] subscription boxes. We promise it will be super-fun!

Who is Really Wearing The Granny Panties?

A Response To The New York Times & New York Magazine Granny Panty Stories

granny pantyRecently, a New York Times article stated that young generations of women are buying full coverage “granny panties” and ditching lacy thongs. The article takes a few scant data points and extrapolates a nation-wide (or perhaps world-wide!) trend.

The article points to a niche designer selling high-waist granny panties with the word “feminist” on the rear. Yet out of all the lingerie and underwear brands out there, only two companies are cited in the article. Moreover, the article is backed with one data point. The one data point from NPD Group states “sales of thongs decreased 7 percent over the last year, while sales of fuller styles – briefs, boy shorts and high-waist briefs – have grown a collective 17 percent.” Perhaps the sales were all in boyshorts. Nowhere in the NPD study doies the word Granny (Or Grandma) appear.

The Granny-Panty Weigh-In: A Biased Perspective

Author, Hayley Phelan is a senior Editor for and has credits with Teen Vogue, Interview, Elle, and Although Phelan has deep of experience in fashion (she recently covered New York Fashion Week), she does not necessarily represent the average woman nor seem to have any sense of trends outside of the island of Manhattan.

Although many of us love to check out the new styles that fashion leaders put on the runways, we have to agree with our friend Alison Davis at New York Magazine’s The Cut, who responded “who is buying them? Certified grandmas? Wannabe grandmas?” There are certain trends that never go beyond the West Village.

Granny Panties vs. High Waisted Panties

high waisted granny pantyHigh waists are undoubtedly in. But high-waisted and granny should not be conflated. Anyone in the lingerie industry knows that “high-waist” could mean a variety of options. The term granny panties brings to mind white, thin, cotton, loose-fitting underwear with heavy coverage in the front and back that also happens to be high-waist. However, high-waist could apply to thongs and G-strings too. Cuts between the waist and the backside are two different measurements, not to be used interchangeably. Although thongs sales may have decreased, their competition is a much larger spectrum of styles.

31 Flavors of Underwear

Granny panties v. thongs is the way the New York Times framed the debate, yet there is so much more to underwear than a full on diaper or a few triangles here and there. Tangas, bikinis, G-strings, boy shorts, there are many different styles to choose from. Waists range from the ultra-low-rise to the nipple grazing – and height of rise does not dictate the coverage of the bum. We are not advocating a return to Britney Spears circa 2007 flashing her thong, nor do should we all mimic Chloë Sevigny in her fashion-insider couture granny panties. Ladies, lets revel in all the options of panty styles, rather than limiting ourselves to the two options dictated by a navel-gazing fashion insider. (Plus, her navel would presumably bee covered by her granny panties, no?)

bacon bikini giveaway

Bacon & Bikinis Giveaway

Giveaway: Bacon & Bikinis

We have partnered with Pig of the Month for a chance to win three months of bacon for him and 3 months of panties for her! Pig of the Month delivers the best BBQ right to your door. You can choose from a variety of mouth-watering ribs, pulled pork, bacon and many more! Each box comes full with meat and easy reheating instructions. This is the perfect package for upcoming summer barbeque parties!

How to Win Bacon & Bikinis

Click here to fill out your name and email to enter the giveaway before June 7th.
bacon giveaway bikini enter

A Second Helping of Bacon

Want to increase your odds? Share our giveaway on Twitter and Facebook to get extra chances to win! The giveaway ends on June 7th so enter your name and email here before the clock runs out!

designer shell belle couture

Shell Belle Couture

Introducing Shell Belle Couture

Inspired by luxury travel of the 1930’s, Shell Belle Couture brings vintage British glamour to the modern era.

We adore Shell Belle Couture for it’s attention to detail. A silk-covered hip band here, an inset piece of black lace there. These elegant and refined pieces, made of the most precious silks & French laces, celebrate intricate styling and beautiful undressing.

Shell Belle Couture Delivered To Her Door

shell belle knickersOne of the many benefits of subscribing to [ENCLOSED] is that you can have these utterly decadent Shell Belle knickers, that retail at up $120 each, delivered to your door as part of any of our 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. We are honored to be one of the very few retailers in the U.S. carrying this exciting new line!

We have an assortment of stunning knickers from Shell Belle Couture available for our dear subscribers. Custom-designed just for [ENCLOSED], the Lace Cookie is a delicate all-lace number with ruffled seams and a cheeky double-peephole. The Lace Tease Suspender Brief, shown here, features a seductive cage back and detachable silk crepe de chine garters. And there is more…

Request Shell Belle Couture For Yourself

If you’d like to have Shell Belle Couture in one of your subscription boxes, just make a note in the “Special Request” section during checkout. Bon Voyage!

Interview With Founder Antonia Townsend

An interview with our founder, Antonia Townsend.

“Men often want to give their wives and girlfriends quality lingerie gifts, but hate to go into a girly boutique. The opportunity is to provide a safe, helpful way for men to give the women they love beautiful lingerie without having to go into a store.”

Published by printing Korea.

$20 Off Mulit-Month Valentine Orders

$20 off - share to win free month
We have a special early-bird Cupid offer for you . . .

Use the coupon “Heart” during checkout to get $20 off any multi-month order.

You must place your order place your order by January 31, 2015 for pre-Valentine’s Day delivery.

Share this offer and image on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #ValentineKnickers to be entered into our pre-Valentine’s drawing for a free box of Enclosed.

See our featured Valentine’s Day panty styles here . . . 

The Fine Print: Coupon must be applied during checkout under “Discount Code” and cannot be applied retro-actively. We reserve the right to extend and/or stop any promotion at any time. This offer is not combinable with other discounts or promotions.

On Trend: Sheer Bikinis

trend sheer bottomsLavender sheer bikinis Yes, the beloved bikini is back. The trend we love right now is an ultra-sheer, loose and cinched at the edgeslook. Usually this look is done in a bikini, but it also works on a loose thong. We recommend wearing these loosely, i.e. even going up a size so the knickers sit just so.

These gorgeous examples are all by Beautiful Bottoms, hailing from Merry Old England. Of course, we are featuring this style this spring, so feel free to request one of these lovely numbers with your order.

Introducing Aima Dora Lingerie From Mauritius

From the island nation of Mauritius just off the southeast coast of Africa, we bring you Aima Dora. Fusing French traditional lingerie know-how with tropical panache, we arethrilled to introduce this brand to the United States, and you, our most lovely customer.

Aima Dora’s inspiration is the unique blend of French traditional lingerie and the colors of Mauritius’ tropical shores. We are featuring Aima Dora’s adorable boyshorts and tanga panties this spring. See these styles and more here . . .


Social Responsibilityaima dora detail

Aima Dora has a strong commitment to social responsibility, supporting two different humanitarian and social organizations. Sekool Madagascar provides schooling for children as well as helping mothers without financial resources, to pay for school fees. Pou Aide Toi financially supports underprivileged population in the Indian Ocean Region through a school project in the Fitroafana area in Madagascar.

As thay say in Mauritius, alavot!! (Cheers!)

brown box lingerie box

A Note On Being Green: Environmental Lingerie?

When we were developing [ENCLOSED] the environment was not an afterthought. From the beginning we wanted to create a product that had the lightest footprint possible while still offering a luxury, high-end experience. All our packaging was designed around using a maximum of recycled materials as well as enabling the gift recipient to re-use as much as possible. For instance, our slide-out box is made of over 80% post-consumer recycled materials. We pay more for this, but we believe the investment is worthwhile. Moreover, we designed the box to be “keepsake” and reusable so that it hopefully does not end up in a landfill for many years to come.

The petals are one of the greenest ways to pad the product while providing a little extra panache. The petals are entirely compostable and all natural (with only their natural scent.) Again, we hope you will re-purpose the petals by putting them in the included organza bag making a sweet, all-natural sachet for your knickers drawer.
bridal box white blue flowers