Delivering Something Decidedly Different this Valentine’s Day

The Gift of Luxe Panties Delivers Tasteful But Tantalizing Wow

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December. 16, 2013 – Enclosed, a high-end panty subscription club offers gents the Valentine’s Day gift of her dreams: the first-ever subscription to upscale knickers which are packaged in real flower petals and delivered in a keepsake box.

Every man wants to give the woman he loves something different. He wants to go beyond the cliches of chocolate and pink hearts, yet he wants a gift that is safe, something that he knows she will love. Enter Enclosed, the recently launched innovative panty club that delivers lingerie that she is sure to adore. Options include a month, a season or a year of ultra high-quality, elegant panties, with prices ranging from $50-$500.

Delivering Wow, This Valentine’s Day

“Wow. Just blown away by the product, the packaging and the experience all together,” said Enclosed customer Sean Courtney of San Francisco, California. “The fit of the panties was spot on. Since I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to picking the size of a woman’s undergarments, I was overwhelmed. But seeing them on her, I was elated with the way they fit.” He candidly added, “She’s pumped. I’m pumped that she’s pumped!”

The Gift That Gives Above and Beyond Valentine’s Day

Flowers die, the caloric count of chocolate isn’t always appreciated and jewelry is risky. Part of the beauty of Enclosed is that it is sustained for months to come, like the ongoing nature of his love for her. A one-time gift is $50 (plus shipping); 3 months is $140; 6 months is $270; and 12 months is $500. To mark the company’s inaugural Valentine’s Day holiday, all multi-month packages will receive free shipping.

A Collective Sigh Of Relief From Men

Enclosed makes gift-giving simple. The website removes the challenges of fit, selection and size, by choosing the ideal knickers for each woman, based upon a few questions during the ordering process. Also easing his fears, is a no questions asked return policy.

About Enclosed

Launched in November of 2013, based in San Francisco, and currently serving the US, Enclosed is a luxe panty subscription club, delivering a month, a season or a year of unforgettable lingerie. Enclosed offers a month, a season, half-a-year or a year of ultra high-quality, elegant panties with prices ranging from $50 to $500. Made of the highest quality, the elegant knickers are beautifully packaged in real flower petals and a keepsake box. See all the details at

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