Customer Reviews Enclosed: 50 year-old married Mom

A 50 year-old married Mom and her knickers

Elizabeth's Customer Review of Enclosed

The time has come for me to leave my 40s. I am not going kicking and screaming. I am embracing it because 50 is only a number and I don’t feel like I am 50. I still will exercise daily, have date nights with my husband, wear my favorite jeans, go to parents’ weekend and behave like I am still in college. The one thing that did change these past few months is what I am wearing under my jeans.

My Husband's Surprise

A few months ago, my husband surprised me for our Anniversary with a subscription for 3 months of knickers. I have been a thong by day, granny panty by night girl since college. Never wanted to be caught with panty lines but couldn’t wait to take them off for a cotton pair of grannies at the end of the day. Well, as I approach 50 the underwear game has changed big time for me.

great lingerie gift from husband to wife

The Dark Purple Gift Box

My husband surprised me one night by presenting me with this purple box. I opened it up to find rose petals surrounding this little white bag. Inside was this gorgeous black lace bikini. I should point out how out of the “box” this was for my husband. He would typically get me a pair of my favorite jeans or Lululemon leggings. It really was such a fun surprise. And I wore them under my jeans the next day with a smile on my face for two reasons. First, thinking of how thoughtful my hubby was just made my week. Second, for the first time in forever, I feel extra sexy, which I hadn’t felt in some time. And for the next two months, the knickers came and suddenly, my ordinary thongs were not cutting it anymore.

customer review of enclosed gift from husband

From Knickers To Lingerie

I then surprised my husband by purchasing a lingerie subscription. Why not get a gift we both can enjoy? Like my underwear game, by nighttime game was basic with oversized t-shirts and my grannies. Not terribly sexy but super comfortable! But I thought if I loved the bikinis and lacy thongs, why not try some sexy lingerie. My husband was completely shocked (and quite happy!) when he saw me in gorgeous lingerie bodysuit not his t-shirt. It was so much fun surprising him with a gift that really is for both of us. I love how I feel in the lingerie and my husband especially wants me to keep this lingerie subscription going!

The Big 5-Oh Is On The Horizon

As I am weeks away from the 29th Anniversary of my 21st birthday, I will embrace my sexy! I may still reach for those grannies, but sexy knickers and lingerie are taking over.

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