National Resurrect Romance Week has many people rolling their eyes at yet another holiday for people in hopelessly in love. As romance professionals, us Knicker Ladies think NO ONE NEEDS VALENTINES DAY.  So, at Enclosed, our approach to National Resurrect Romance Week is all about loving YOURSELF.

In the spirit of anti Valentines Day, Enclosed is giving a discount to anyone buying for THEMSELVES. Forget romancing a honey-bunny, we are all about romancing your sweet self. And how you define romancing yourself is up to you. You may be a gent sending Enclosed to a woman, reveling in the selfish nature of getting to see her in superb lingerie. Or you may be a woman buying it for yourself so you just feel beautiful whilst running errands in your sweatpants.

During National Resurrect Romance Week, we will be giving a free month of Enclosed with any six or twelve month purchase. (A $50 value.) The coupon code for this sweet offer? JustForMe.

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