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Not Just Knickers: Enclosed Launches New Lingerie Offerings

Enclosed Now Delivers Bodysuits, Nighties & Other Romantic Gift Offerings

San Francisco, California. January 2017

Enclosed, the world’s finest subscription lingerie business, now offers a new range of bodywear including nighties, teddies, robes and other lingerie sets. While the core offering of a luxury knicker delivered monthly is still the mainstay of the business, these new offerings broaden the options for the gift-buying customer.

Valentine’s Gifts That Delight: Love That Lasts All Year

Enclosed launches these new offerings in time for Valentine’s Day, so that their customers can delight their gift recipient with something truly extraordinary, but keep the romance of Valentine’s alive all year long with the ongoing knicker subscription. Founder and Chief Knicker Officer, Antonia Townsend described the new offerings as “the perfect way to delight the lady in your life on Valentine’ Day, but still demonstrate your ongoing commitment with the arrival of monthly knicker delights.”

An Unwavering Focus On Romantic Gifts

Enclosed’s focus remains on lingerie gifts that are romantic, fun, and come with a 100% fit guarantee. With the addition of these new gift lingerie offerings. Enclosed can give its customers a greater range of options and new ways to delight their loved ones.

Teddies, Nighties, Robes & More . . .

The new offerings, found at change weekly, and range in price from $69 to $199. Valentine offerings include pieces by Playful Promises, Jolidon, Mimi Holliday, Bluebella and Maison Close, and all come in a keepsake box with real rose petals.

Making The Gift Giver Look Like A Valentine Hero

Founder and Chief Knicker Officer, Antonia Townsend added, “Our aim is to make the gift giver in the relationship look like a super-cupid to the woman he or she loves. We want him to look like a hero for coming up with such an amazing Valentine gift, and then continue to blow her away a gift that keeps on giving month after month.” As one customer, Jodi Vuchetich, attested, “Celebrating Valentine’s Day Every month!! Love it!!”

About Enclosed

Launched in November of 2013, based in San Francisco, Enclosed is the world’s finest lingerie of subscription club. Under the leadership of our founder, Antonia Townsend, we’ve reached 10,000+ customers all over the world. Our flagship offering is an ultra-high-end panty subscription whereby a gentleman can spend $55 to $549 to send one or more months of custom-curated panty gifts. Ultimately, we aim to become the single-source destination men to find romantic gifts for the woman he loves.

Veterans & Military Discounts

Veteran’s Day is just around the corner (November 11th) and Enclosed has decided to give back to Armed Forces in more ways than one. This November, alongside our #MilitaryLoveEnclosed campaign, we have decided to offer a Veteran’s Day Discount to retired personnel and veterans. (Note, we always offer an active military service discount.) Contact us and we will send you a code to enter at checkout for a discount off any order.

support military testimonialOn November 11th, 1919, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the day Armistice Day; 35 years later it was changed to Veteran’s Day, a legal holiday honouring veterans of all wars. We are eternally grateful to the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces everywhere, and we want to show our gratitude.

Learn more about our #MilitaryLoveEnclosed campaign that benefits military families around the country.

Sexy Plus Size Underwear Gift Options

Sexy Plus Size Underwear Now Available

Here at [Enclosed], we strongly believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Everyone deserves a pretty pair of underwear that will make them look and feel their best. We are pleased to announce that we’re expanding our service to include XXL (also known as 2X). This means our underwear now goes to approximately women’s size 16/18.

plus size panties now availableIf you or the woman you are shopping for is in this size range, we’d love to invite her to be one of our first customers in this new offering. Starting November 22nd, the XXL option will be available to select during checkout. If you place your order before then, simply note “XXL” in “Special Requests” and we’ll be sure to size your order accordingly.

Keep in mind we have just added this feature so the selection is limited. But not to worry, more underwear will be coming in the near future – and you will be the first to know.

We hope you will be pleased with our selections!

The Knicker Ladies

Launch Pimp-My Pants Lingerie USA

Pimp My Pants Launches In The US

January 4, 2016, San Francisco, CA, USA. This Valentine’s Day, Enclosed, the world’s finest panty club, will exclusively feature the new UK-based high-end lingerie line, Pimp My Pants, for the brand’s official debut in the United States. “We are so excited to launch this unique handmade brand to our customers” said Enclosed founder, Antonia Townsend.

Elevator Loveheart Tie-Sides: Next Stop USA

This February Enclosed is introducing the “Elevator Loveheart Tie-Sides”, a classic side-tie bikini with a heart-shaped peek-a-boo in the back. Hand sewn from leavers lace and sumptuous silk satin ribbons, the side-ties add a flirtatious feel while guaranteeing a perfect fit for every body type as the knickers are ultra-adjustable.

Pimp My Pants’ Debut

The 21-year old founder of Pimp My Pants, Ellen Bowman, specializes in custom-made bohemian and burlesque-inspired styles. She comments, “Enclosed is the perfect venue for bringing my brand to a broader, international audience. I adore the idea of The Elevator being sent around the globe to Enclosed gift recipients, especially on Valentine’s Day.”

About Pimp My Pants

Pimp My Pants is the project of 21-year-old Ellen Bowman from Southsea, Hampshire, UK. The talented young designer is the CEO, Founder and everything else at Pimp My Pants. Each and every pair of Pimp My Pants knickers offered by Enclosed has been hand-sewed by Bowman herself, and her incredible eye for detail shows in every one of her beautiful pieces.

About Enclosed

Enclosed is the world’s most luxurious panty club. With Enclosed, you can give your lady superbly elegant knickers for one, three, six or twelve months, delivered in real rose petals and a keepsake box. These are not your average panties; Enclosed features luxury, niche brands you can’t find in a department store. Our knickers are hand selected – and often, even hand made – from the finest materials by designers from all over the globe. And every sale is backed by a 100% fit guarantee.

Enclosed, Dogpatch-Based Start-Up, Sending Elves To An Office Near You

Real Live Elves Delivering Lingerie Across San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – November, 17, 2015 – This Christmas, Enclosed, the world’s finest lingerie subscription club, will be releasing Knicker Elves across San Francisco, delivering holiday-wrapped lingerie. For two days in December, Enclosed’s Knicker Elves will be available to send gifts via Elf Delivery to a friend, wife, girlfriend or loved one’s office. Delivering her (or him!) luxury ladies panties, presented in our deluxe Christmas packaging complete with real rose petals – at no additional cost.

How To Get An Elf Delivery To Her Office Or Home

Enclosed’s Elf Deliveries will take place on December 10 and 11, to kick-off Santa-Con weekend. To qualify for the Elf Delivery, all you need to do is purchase a multi-month package with a shipping address within the 7×7 area of San Francisco by December 10. One of our Knicker Ladies will then contact you to coordinate the details (it is entirely optional, of course). Enclosed will match every Elf Delivery purchase with a donation to The San Francisco Local 798 Toy Program.

(While Enclosed’s panties can be saucy, our elf delivery is totally safe for work. It’s up to the recipient if they choose to open the package there or save it for later.)

Dogpatch Start-Up Making December Saucy

Based in the Dogpatch, Enclosed is a two-year-old ecommerce startup offering a curated lingerie gift service for anyone seeking a romantic gift for a woman. Enclosed founder Antonia Townsend adds, “Enclosed is all about delivering saucy, cheeky, intimate gifts. This year we are bringing our special brand of holiday cheer to our home city, San Francisco, in the form of Elves delivering panties across the 7×7.” She continues, “what could be more fun than a real, live elf delivering lingerie to your honey-bunny at their office.?”

Giving Back To San Francisco

Enclosed is not just giving joy to knicker-wearers. Each multi-month Elf Delivery purchase will be matched by a toy donation to the San Francisco Firefighters Local 798 Toy Program.

About Enclosed

Enclosed offers the world’s most luxurious lingerie subscription club. With Enclosed, you can send your lady superbly elegant knickers for one, three, six or twelve months surrounded by romantic rose petals in a keepsake box. No average lingerie subscription, Enclosed features luxury, niche brands you can’t find in a department store. Our knickers are hand selected – and often even hand made – from the finest silks and lace by designers from all over the globe. Every sale is backed by a 100% fit guarantee.

Internship With Enclosed

We have an opening for a part-time intern at our San Francisco office! The internship starts late August/early September and lasts through the end of December 2015.

enclosed offices

Nature Of Internship

The emphasis will be upon all areas of marketing. We may also cover sales, operations and finance. The founder is an experienced marketer. Therefore, she is looking for people to truly collaborate with her in researching and developing the go-to-market strategy and marketing implementation for Enclosed. Specific activities include:

  • Market research.
  • Developing, implementing and optimizing online advertising.
  • Press list development and outreach. Researching relevant sites, journalists, bloggers and influencers in key categories such as men’s lifestyle, gift-giving, women’s lifestyle and more.
  • Developing pitch stories based around the different consumer segments we are targeting.
  • Design: For web and print (primarily the former).
  • Website work (writing, optimizing).
  • Developing social media strategy, promotions and posts (Twitter, Pinterest, FB, YouTube etc.) to support the specific social media objectives as well as the overall marketing roll-out.
  • Startup operations: Understanding customer demand, fulfillment, vendor relations.


We are less interested in filling a specific position than finding the right people, so want to know what you want.

  • Strong research skills, especially the ability to capture critical details for research
  • subject matter.
  • Strong writing skills and ability to adopt the “voice” of Enclosed.
  • Knowledge of excel extremely helpful.
  • Photography, video, or graphic design skills would be terrific, but not required.
  • Interested in E-commerce start-up marketing
  • Must be living in San Francisco or within commuting distance of San Francisco Dogpatch neighborhood. We are located near the T Muni line.


To be considered for the positions, please submit your resume as well as a cover letter stating why you think you would be a good fit for this role to Please review the website and social media before applying.We are less interested in filling a specific position than finding the right people, so want to know what you want.

About Enclosed

Enclosed is a high-end lingerie gift offering catering to men who want to give their wives and girlfriends something decidedly different—beautiful panties.


National Resurrect Romance Week has many people rolling their eyes at yet another holiday for people in hopelessly in love. As romance professionals, us Knicker Ladies think NO ONE NEEDS VALENTINES DAY.  So, at Enclosed, our approach to National Resurrect Romance Week is all about loving YOURSELF.

In the spirit of anti Valentines Day, Enclosed is giving a discount to anyone buying for THEMSELVES. Forget romancing a honey-bunny, we are all about romancing your sweet self. And how you define romancing yourself is up to you. You may be a gent sending Enclosed to a woman, reveling in the selfish nature of getting to see her in superb lingerie. Or you may be a woman buying it for yourself so you just feel beautiful whilst running errands in your sweatpants.

During National Resurrect Romance Week, we will be giving a free month of Enclosed with any six or twelve month purchase. (A $50 value.) The coupon code for this sweet offer? JustForMe.

Worst Gifts Ever: Take Our Survey

The Knicker Ladies are conducting a breakthrough experiment. We, at Enclosed, are all about stupendous gifts, so now we want to know what is the worst gift you have ever gotten. Take our one minute survey to tell us what it was and why it was so dreadful. Since our survey is completely anonymous, give us every dirty detail on just how ugly that sweater Great Aunt Muriel knitted for you really was. Keep checking back on our blog and social media for our ground-breaking results.

Tell how about your worst gift ever . . .

Some of the results . . .

  1. A vacuum cleaner. I wept.
  2. It was a purple houndstooth fedora. A size too small.
  3. An assortment of hotel toiletries together with a single travel candle that was obviously once part of a set of multiple travel candles (but it smelled delicious).
  4. Someone gave me freebies that they received from their work and an item they probably already had in their house. I think it was like a cheap tote bag with their company name on it and a small glass cat that looked used.
  5. A velvet tracksuit from the thrift store where my aunt volunteers
  6. Expired cans of peanuts. I don’t even like peanuts.
  7. I received a large pink and white scarf from h&m that had giant Pom poms on the end. While I do like scarves, I like more subtle and lightweight ones, not oversized winter ones with deers. The thought was nice, but then I found out it was picked out not by the gift giver, but a mutual friend he had run into while shopping. (Cries)
  8. I think it was something my grandma found in her closet
  9. They regifted me something hella old
  10. A horrible looking mug in the shape of a Polaroid camera
  11. The gifter thought she had done a really good job at picking out a cute scarf and of course I had to say that I loved it. It was a black scarf with sparkles from some place like limited too.
  12. See’s candy. I love See’s candy. Broke it open a month after receiving it. Why are there white streaks on it. Maybe it melted. Took a bite. Ewwww. It was hard and stale. Figured out it was frozen from a previous holiday. Possibly it was something they received and then gave to us!
  13. A DVD of the Tinkerbell movie, a Zhu Zhu pet for kids 4 and up, and granola bars when I was 16.
  14. It was beyond Huxtable sweater
  15. He got me a computer hard drive for our anniversary ?
  16. A sewing machine that doesn’t work for my birthday last year. ? points for effort I guess
  17. I broke up with him for his birthday
bacon bikini giveaway

Bacon & Bikinis Giveaway

Giveaway: Bacon & Bikinis

We have partnered with Pig of the Month for a chance to win three months of bacon for him and 3 months of panties for her! Pig of the Month delivers the best BBQ right to your door. You can choose from a variety of mouth-watering ribs, pulled pork, bacon and many more! Each box comes full with meat and easy reheating instructions. This is the perfect package for upcoming summer barbeque parties!

How to Win Bacon & Bikinis

Click here to fill out your name and email to enter the giveaway before June 7th.
bacon giveaway bikini enter

A Second Helping of Bacon

Want to increase your odds? Share our giveaway on Twitter and Facebook to get extra chances to win! The giveaway ends on June 7th so enter your name and email here before the clock runs out!

Interview With Founder Antonia Townsend

An interview with our founder, Antonia Townsend.

“Men often want to give their wives and girlfriends quality lingerie gifts, but hate to go into a girly boutique. The opportunity is to provide a safe, helpful way for men to give the women they love beautiful lingerie without having to go into a store.”

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