Customer Review Enclosed: An Unprompted Love Letter To Enclosed

Twelve Little Black Boxes: An Unprompted Love Letter To Enclosed

About a year ago, a cube-shaped package addressed to my husband, found its way onto our doorsill. Naturally, I assumed that it was another nearly necessary, likely unjustifiable purchase of his, and placed it aside. The fact that this parcel arrived when it did had not even occurred to me. It was during that period of time which includes both of our birthdays, and our Engagement and Wedding Anniversaries, and being a family of just two, we’ve decided to celebrate what and how we deem most fitting.

An Anniversary To Last A Year

So last year, for our fourth anniversary, Hubby deemed it fitting to have cube-shaped packages delivered to our front door. Once a month. For an entire year. Intended solely for me. Courtesy of an aptly named coterie known as “The Knicker Ladies,” synonymous with the darling lingerie company, [ENCLOSED], my impression of boxes has wholly changed.

Truthfully, my impression of my very self, has as well.

Somewhere between the appealing advertisements eagerly seeking attention on our desktop computer’s screen, and what I can only surmise were chunks of chance conversations most likely overheard on Girls’ Night, Hubby became familiarized with the name, [ENCLOSED]. Luckily for me, I married a man who is attentive, thoughtful, and possesses a keen knack for grand, romantic gestures.

lingerie of the month customer review

Enclosed: A "little box of heaven"

Lucky, lucky me.

Frequently miscomprehended, is the archaic notion that my husband purchases me lingerie, strictly to satiate his own whim. Indeed. Apparently, men are simple-minded, purely sexual beings who only wish to create and stimulate the oppressed nubile in us all.


The truth is, I LOVE lingerie. It’s one of those things that are, in my opinion, quintessentially feminine. I tend to look to such effeminate, superficial things for succor; and I have grown steadily reliant on the significance, the meaning and the effects of what such things represent. Ever since being diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age twenty.

Over two decades later, still affected by this disease, I would be negligent and understating matters if I didn’t acknowledge that acquiring tangible things is not part of my process to get better. I reckon it’s why the term, “Retail Therapy” exists actually. Of course, faith, hope, good fortune, emotional support and copious amounts of medical treatment are all unmistakably instrumental in my healing.

However, they heal the illness.

A Weapon Of Self-Esteem

There exists no remediation for diminished self-esteem; there’s no pill for that nameless awful that stunts my self-confidence and threatens my prettiness. Not counting breast implants, rarely does anyone ever really address or advertise a cure for female, cancer-related cosmetic insecurities. So you arm yourself with your superficial weapons of lipstick, wigs and high-heeled shoes, and pray for a compliment that makes you feel a little more than just a little attractive.

Nowadays – precisely the past year or so – [ENCLOSED] became what I would arm myself with, in order to feel prettier. I like to think of it as the cure for the common lingerie.

That day, when that cube-shaped package arrived, it contained my first, sleek, little, black box. Ensconced in countless, fragrant, freeze-dried rose petals, was the most exquisite, golden beige, satin and lace Bluebella camiknicker. Clad in that teddy, I remember feeling desirable and delicate; a feeling I will never forget. Somewhere, from the sheer delight of opening that box, to Hubby’s wanton gaze, to the image in the mirror staring at me… I felt absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Flawlessly so.

I will probably be undergoing some form of chemoprevention therapy for the rest of my life, and that’s okay because it is part of my normal. Just as sure as I will continue to depend on whatever superficial antidotes I can, in order to preserve my psyche and sustain my ego. For, each month for the past year, as each black box was delivered, as each special surprise was unveiled, I felt a little part of my self-esteem was regained. It was a certainty. Be it a sheer Naked Princess piece, an Arianne lace wonder or a cheeky Maison Close choker, I didn’t just unwrap a sexy, little surprise, it was something more…

The Secret To Feeling Beautiful

Along with these sweet somethings arriving monthly from [ENCLOSED], came more than just boxes of petals, chiffon, satin and lace. They came with that indescribable, indefinable allure that today, makes my stride more emboldened and makes me smile more confidently. I daresay, that feeling reminds me that despite my biggest insecurities, sometimes the secret to simply feeling beautiful, can be found in the smallest packages.

date night gift enclosed customer review

Customer Review of Enclosed: Date Night Done Right

About the author, Jan-Marie Albert

Jan-Marie Albert is a Creative Writer, Author at All The Write Things, and (dare I say) one of the warmest, most genuine people I have ever met. Upon reading this piece, originally published in June of 2020 on LinkedIn, I was moved to silent tears. Tears of thanks, as stories of inspiration, female empowerment and connection between couples are literally why I started [ENCLOSED].

XO Antonia

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Customer Reviews Enclosed: 50 year-old married Mom

A 50 year-old married Mom and her knickers

Elizabeth's Customer Review of Enclosed

The time has come for me to leave my 40s. I am not going kicking and screaming. I am embracing it because 50 is only a number and I don’t feel like I am 50. I still will exercise daily, have date nights with my husband, wear my favorite jeans, go to parents’ weekend and behave like I am still in college. The one thing that did change these past few months is what I am wearing under my jeans.

My Husband's Surprise

A few months ago, my husband surprised me for our Anniversary with a subscription for 3 months of knickers. I have been a thong by day, granny panty by night girl since college. Never wanted to be caught with panty lines but couldn’t wait to take them off for a cotton pair of grannies at the end of the day. Well, as I approach 50 the underwear game has changed big time for me.

great lingerie gift from husband to wife

The Dark Purple Gift Box

My husband surprised me one night by presenting me with this purple box. I opened it up to find rose petals surrounding this little white bag. Inside was this gorgeous black lace bikini. I should point out how out of the “box” this was for my husband. He would typically get me a pair of my favorite jeans or Lululemon leggings. It really was such a fun surprise. And I wore them under my jeans the next day with a smile on my face for two reasons. First, thinking of how thoughtful my hubby was just made my week. Second, for the first time in forever, I feel extra sexy, which I hadn’t felt in some time. And for the next two months, the knickers came and suddenly, my ordinary thongs were not cutting it anymore.

customer review of enclosed gift from husband

From Knickers To Lingerie

I then surprised my husband by purchasing a lingerie subscription. Why not get a gift we both can enjoy? Like my underwear game, by nighttime game was basic with oversized t-shirts and my grannies. Not terribly sexy but super comfortable! But I thought if I loved the bikinis and lacy thongs, why not try some sexy lingerie. My husband was completely shocked (and quite happy!) when he saw me in gorgeous lingerie bodysuit not his t-shirt. It was so much fun surprising him with a gift that really is for both of us. I love how I feel in the lingerie and my husband especially wants me to keep this lingerie subscription going!

The Big 5-Oh Is On The Horizon

As I am weeks away from the 29th Anniversary of my 21st birthday, I will embrace my sexy! I may still reach for those grannies, but sexy knickers and lingerie are taking over.

Note On This Review of Enclosed

This is a real customer review of [ENCLOSED]. We have modified the original review of Enclosed for clarity, but the content is true to her story.

Have an [ENCLOSED] review you's like to share? Please email us as we'd love to hear your story. Your [ENCLOSED] review can be anonymous if you choose.

How to Get Your Skin Lingerie-Ready

Lingerie-Ready Skin

woman in lingerie with beautiful skin

Bumps, blemishes, dark spots, roughness – you don’t want to be dealing with any of these things when you’re planning a special night with some knockout lingerie. Fortunately, a smooth and sleek body is easier to achieve than many realize – here are the five steps you need to follow to get there.

Use a Natural, pH-Balanced Cleanser

Cleanliness is everything, but finding a cleanser that can safely be used all over your body, including around intimate areas, can be a challenge. These delicate parts of your skin are highly absorbent, making them more prone to sensitivities caused by harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Many cleansers also disrupt the skin’s natural pH level, which can lead to redness, itching, and irritation.

The first step is to make sure that your body wash is fragrance-free. Then, check that it’s pH-balanced. Keep in mind that while your skin’s natural pH is between 5-6, your intimate areas are slightly more acidic, around 3.8-4.5. So, going for something with a pH between 4.5-5 would be your best bet.

Exfoliate Your Body

Now that your skin is squeaky clean, it’s time to slough away those rough and dead skin cells, revealing the fresh, smooth, lingerie-ready skin beneath.

Body scrubs tend to be the most common way to exfoliate, but don’t discount the power of chemical exfoliants. They’re actually far gentler and more effective than their physical counterparts, and offer up numerous other skin benefits too. If you have normal or oily skin, look into glycolic acid, while those with dry or sensitive skin should consider lactic acid.

woman in lingerie exfoliating skin to get ready for date night

Tackle Dark Spots

So many women experience hyperpigmentation around their intimate areas, no matter the color of their skin. These dark spots are not harmful, so if they don’t bother you, then leave them be. However, if you’d like to remove them, keep in mind that there’s no quick fix. That said, now would be a good time to introduce a vitamin C serum into your body skincare routine. This will help to lighten dark spots and brighten your skin in a matter of weeks.

While vitamin C serums are most commonly used on the face, they’ll work just as well as a spot treatment on your body too. Ideally, try to find a product that combines vitamin C with other brightening ingredients – the Maelove Glow Maker is one popular example.

Hair Removal Options

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things natural when it comes to body hair. However, if you’d prefer a smooth, hair-free finish, there are several permanent and semi-permanent hair removal options out there. The most popular at-home methods are waxing, shaving, and using a hair removal cream.

Waxing will last you the longest of the three, and will give you the smoothest finish. However, it can also cause some serious irritation, so schedule your wax for at least a few days before you plan on slipping into that lingerie. Follow up with soothing skin creams – aloe vera will help to keep any inflammation to a minimum.

On the other hand, shaving will need to be done closer to the time. Many find it to be the easiest and most convenient hair removal method, with the biggest downsides being razor burn and ingrown hairs. However, these can be avoided – pair a sharp razor with a lubricating foam to prevent burns and rashes, while exfoliating before shaving will tease out any ingrowing hairs.

hair removal for lingerie

Finally, we have hair removal creams. Some of these can be pretty powerful, but that also means that they’re likely to be formulated with very harsh chemicals. While you may be able to use them on your legs without any issues, always perform a patch test before applying a hair removal cream on intimate areas. It would also be advised to find a formula that’s been specifically designed for this – it’ll be gentler on your skin than creams designed for other parts of your body.

Soothe, Soften, and Glow

The final step is an easy one – moisturize, moisturize, and then moisturize again. This may seem like overkill, but a moisturizer will keep your skin cells hydrated and plump, meaning a softer and smoother finish to your skin.

You should already be moisturizing your body daily, but don’t be afraid to slather on an extra layer before putting on your lingerie. Just be sure to give your skin a minute or two to dry first, so that you don’t end up smearing your body cream over that delicate fabric. This can lead to oily stains on your lingerie, which definitely wouldn’t be attractive!


Spend time giving your skin some extra TLC and you’ll be rockin’ your lingerie with so much more confidence and attitude. That head-to-toe glow will have you looking better than ever, which is exactly what you want when slipping into a jaw-dropping number!

fathers day daddy

Best First Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Father To-Be . . .

For the Father of Your (Future) Children

It’s your first Father’s Day as newlyweds and your new dad deserves a little something special from you. Even if his “children” are the still in the belly, or of the canine variety, why not give him a gift? Here are some sophisticated first Father’s Day gift ideas that he is sure to love.

A Customized First Father’s Day Gift Idea

Tell the story of your love for him from your or the kiddo’s perspective. A fully-customized first Father’s Day book from Love Books Online. We adore their purpose which is “To share and spread love between individuals, couples, and families.”

[On a personal note, I gave this to my husband two years ago, he legit loved it. – Antonia]

fathers day gift idea bookFirst Father’s Day Gift Idea For The Chef: What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

For the foodie, here’s a tempting Father’s Day gift . . . Fork Me, Spoon Me: the sensual cookbook is an aphrodisiac cookbook. Get cooking with sensual recipes like Moist Mango Meatloaf and drink recipes from Ginger Mojitos to a classic White Peach Bellini.

father's day gift idea: sexy book

First Father’s Day Gift Idea For Father-To-Be: The Long & Lat Of Fatherhood

Commemorate where it all began with cufflinks bearing the longitude and latitude of where you conceived (!) your little one. Lat and Lo offers customizable gift cuff links that are just perfect for a Father’s Day gift that commemorates conception.

[Another personal note, I gave this to my husband for an anniversary gift. Well, different cufflinks, but I did the longitude and latitude thing. It went over well. – Antonia]
father day gift idea commemorate conception

First Father’s Day Gift Idea For Old-School Daddy: A Clean Dad Face

A shiny new shaving set is the perfect way to shower your man with the care he deserves. Plus, you will get to enjoy the freshly smooth face of the father of your children. Mekur Shaving Kit Fathers Day

A Little Whisky Business For His First Father’s Day Gift

Nothing says manly more than holding a glass of whiskey. Gift him a gorgeous bottle and get ready for a smoky Sunday June 16, 2019 Father’s Day night.
Glayva Whiskey Scotch Fathers Day

First Father’s Day Gift Idea For The Canine Daddy

Is he a devoted hooman to a fur baby? Deck him and the pooch out in matching togs by getting them each cool-father fur-baby Hawaiian shirts.

Fathers day dog outfit

Hot Daddy Loves Hot Sauce

Does your Daddy like it spicy? And he’s got a DIY streak a mile long. Get him a hot sauce kit that he makes himself from ManCrates.

father day gift idea hot sauce making kit

The Luxe First Father’s Day Gift Idea

A comfy robe is a classic gift that everyone loves. Add a little kick by getting it monogrammed with “Daddy” or your favorite pet name. It will take him by surprise and maybe he will take you by surprise . . .
Monogrammed Robe Fathers Day

A Naughty Little Game To Help You Make That Baby

Father’s Day is about celebrating the great father he will be so why not add some spice? These naughty dice are not your average run of the mill type. The sleek silver adds a classy effect for your classy yet naughty Baby Daddy.
Naught Dice Fathers Day

Finger-Licking Good First Father’s Day Gift Idea

What person would not want a box full of mouth-watering barbecue delivered right to their doorstep? Our friends at Pig of the Month deliver the best ribs, pulled pork and bacon, all ready to go. Just heat up that grille you got from your wedding registry, pop open a beer and enjoy each other’s company amidst the savory smell of those ribs cooking away.
Pig of the Month Fathers Day

The First Father’s Day Gift Idea For Both Of You

Last but not least, something both you and him can enjoy. Sometimes called “the best baby making father’s day gift ever invented*”, Enclosed lingerie subscription is all you need to make family time. A monthly subscription of Enclosed for Father’s Day will give you two enough baby making fun for the rest of the year. This gift will let his imagination run wild. Perhaps by this time next year, you two will be celebrating with a new little someone in the family.

* This quote cannot be verified at this time, but there was a great deal of baby-making practice involved.

sexy mother day gift ideas

Sexy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Give The Mother Of Your Children This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and the mother of your children deserves something memorable this year. Looking for mother’s day gift ideas? Ditch the the boring traditional Mother’s Day gifts and opt for one of these sexy and romantic Mother’s Day gift alternatives.

sexy mother day gift robe

The Ultra-Feminine Sexy Gift Idea: Sexy Kimono

Pamper the mother of your children with this colorful chiffon robe from Naked Princess. This sexy Mother’s Day gift idea is both flirty and sultry.

The Maternal Love Bond

Delight the mother of your children (or yes, future children) with sophisticated scents by fabled New York parfumerie, Bond No. 9. Personally, we’d love the rose-and-hyacinth scented Madison Square Park Candle.

staycation hotel room

The Romantic  Mother’s Day Gift Idea: The Staycation

Get a babysitter and book a night at nice hotel downtown for the two of you. Enjoy a night out and going “home” to fresh sheets and ultra-plush hotel pillows. The best part? You don’t have to clean up after yourself.

body chain gift

The (Slightly) Kinky Sexy Mothers Day Gift Idea: All Chained Up

For this sexy Mother’s Day Gift idea, ditch the traditional #1Mom jewelry and select a delicate belly chain.

kitty headband sexy accessory

The Mother’s Day Gift Idea For the playful Mom

Dare to gift your wife this sexy Mother’s Day gift that will transport her to an imaginative world of play and fantasy with these cute Kitty Kat Headband. With these ears on the fun keeps going even after you’ve put the kids to  bed.

discreet eye mask gift

The Sleepy Sexy Mothers Day Gift Idea: Blindfold for Your Dynamic Hot Mama

Because every mother needs more sleep. Gift her this KissKill blindfold as an alternative sexy Mother’s Day gift that she can use both for a good night of slumber or a naughty night of fun.

date night occasion

The Mothers Day Gift Idea For Your Foodie: Dinner Courtesy of A Private Chef

Give the mother of your children a break using a sexy Mother’s Day gift such as this one. Hire a personal chef to cook as she unwinds for a romantic dinner for two.

rose petal bath

The Sensual Mother’s Day Gift Idea: A Sexy Bath of Roses

What better way to pamper her than with a relaxing bath of luxurious real rose petals? You get the champagne and candles, let FlyBoy Naturals take care of the flowers.  An unforgettable sexy Mother’s Day gift!

farmgirl flowers unique bouquet

The Classic Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Extravagant Arrangements

If you are going to go the traditional route you absolute MUST step it up and out-do the old grocery store variety.  Surprise her with an utterly stunning bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers – these gorgeous arrangements ship nationally! 

lingerie gift box

The Ultimate Sexy Mother’s Day Gift: A Gift that Keeps On Giving

Celebrate your wife and the mother of your children all year-round with a subscription to Enclosed. This luxury monthly subscription box is just the thing to make her feel extra-special & loved month after month – the perfect sexy Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving.

boudoir photoshoot for mothers day

The Boudoir Photo Shoot For Your Hot Mama

Gift that gorgeous mama an intimate, safe celebration of her sensual beauty with a personal boudoir photoshoot. She’ll have fun doing it and you’ll both adore the resulting images that celebrate her inner and outer beauty.

Find a reputable boudoir photographer here . . .

Find lingerie for your boudoir photo shoot here . . .

Create A “Kissing Portal” Of Love For Mother’s Day

Give the mother in your life a gift she can share with her children, her parter, and even her besties; with Kissing Portal bracelets she can wear a reminder of love on her wrist. When friends and family cannot be together in person, the Portal gives you a way to connect and share the love.

Mama Needs Some Maha Love This Mother’s Day

Sooth that frenzied Mother with Maharindee, a CBD-powered skin care line that is cruelty-free, meticulously sourced, and super-sustainable too boot. Founded by our founder’s long-time friend, Shona, we think every mother needs a little Maharindee Love.

mother children beautiful note

How Do You Show Mother’s Day Love?

Have a brilliant suggestion that Mamas adore? Let us know by emailing us your thoughts . . .

11 Ways To Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Special

So, your wife finally has a little bun in her oven and you two couldn’t be happier. Pregnancy has been proven to reinforce relationships, but she might need some extra help feeling the love. Keep on reading for eleven ways to make your wife feel special during her pregnancy. As they say, happy wife, happy life.

1. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Beautiful: Compliment Her

This seems so simple, but the best things usually are. Your pregnant wife might start to feel insecure as her body goes through changes, and reassuring her the best you can will do wonders for her self-confidence. Telling her you find her beautiful and that her figure is more attractive than ever is a sure-fire way to bring a smile to her face.

2. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Sexy: Get Her Pretty Lingerie

pregnant wife undiesHere at Enclosed we are firm believers in the beneficial powers of a pretty pair of panties, especially if they can boost a woman’s feeling of self-worth. And there is no time when a woman needs that more than when she is pregnant. (Her first Mother’s Day is usually when she is pregnant.) We’ve spoken to dozens of pregnant women about what they want in underwear; and the responses were clear. Pregnant women don’t just want ugly granny-panties, they still want to feel beautiful. And pregnancy panties can be sexy. So to treat your baby mama to something special, surprise her with a sexy subscription to the world’s finest lingerie club . . . 

If you need a little help choosing what to get her, at Enclosed we are experts in the matter: every month we get fathers-to-be telling us their wives are so-and-so months pregnant, and we carefully select what we know will look and fit them best. Just mention that she is pregnant under “special requests” during checkout, and we’ll take care of all the rest.

Note, buying her bras will be more trouble than it’s worth: not only will her breasts grow every month, but they are also much more sensitive, which means she needs firm support.

3. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Treasured: Take Her Out

Your wife might feel a little slow as the trimesters pass, but taking her out on dates will not only get you two moving but it is an opportunity for you to show her off. Whether you decide to treat her to a fancy restaurant or just a simple movie date, be affectionate in public (without crossing a line—tacky). She will be happy you are proud of her, in all her big-bellied glory.

4. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Fresh: Take Her Shopping

It is frustrating for anyone to realize that their favorite jeans or t-shirt fits a little too snug. Make her feel brand-new by shopping for clothes, and note, this does not have to be maternity clothes, but just for outfits that compliment her new curves.  Take a look at Séraphine for a start.

5. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Heard: Listen To Her

Hopefully this is something you already do, but it should be accentuated during her pregnancy. Your wife is going through a life changing experience that affects mind, body and soul. She will need to evacuate her feelings, whether it be fears, concerns or worries. Listen to her with compassion.

6. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Young: Flirt With Her In Public

pregnant wife underwearKeeping things light and sexy during a “serious” time will take off the edge and overall instill a sense of playfulness in your relationship. So go ahead and flirt like when you had just met, it will make every moment together feel more special.

7. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Carefree: Reassure Her

Being pregnant is scary. Even though you can be there for her every day, she is still the one carrying a child and that is nerve-racking in itself. Listen to her worries of course, but reassure her. If she is concerned about an aspect of her pregnancy, buy some books and find reassuring facts. Books we definitely recommend are The Expectant Father, Your Pregnancy For The Father To Be, and Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad! Make her worries your own and whatever happens, always remind her that you are in this with her.

8. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Attended To: Be Involved

Being emotionally there for your pregnant wife is a given, but your actual presence matters just as much. Go to every doctor’s appointment, try to spend as much time as you can at home and check in often. You might be busy at work but set some time aside for her and her belly: after all, you only have nine months.

9. Make Your Wife Feel Sensible: Be Tactful

Choosing your words carefully around your pregnant wife is crucial to making her feel special. Pregnant women do have a surplus of hormones which can make them feel overly emotional or sensitive at times, which is why you need to make sure the compliments you make her are genuine. Be careful about teasing her on sensitive subjects, she might have laughed with you pre-pregnancy but it might backfire on you now.

10. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Wanted: Seduce Her

thong on pregnant womanContrary to popular belief, a pregnancy is not synonymous with nine months without sex. Your pregnant wife’s hormones are a bit all over the place which means her libido might go way up (or way down.) If she is in the mood, (and with permission from her doctor), don’t be shy to make a move. She will be thrilled you find her new curvy body arousing, so prepare for a mind-blowing night (or day) of sex.

11. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Cherished: Enjoy The Present

Enjoy time with your pregnant wife before the baby arrives because once the little bun comes out of the oven, nothing will ever be the same. Try to not think of your wife’s pregnancy as a countdown but rather as a journey that you are taking together. Remind her often about how happy you are she is carrying your child and cherish the special bond you now have.

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Boudoir Photoshoot Sexy Wife Gift

Top Reputable Boudoir Photography Studios

The following is the very beginning of a listicle featuring some of the top boudoir studios and top boudoir photographers we have worked with. We’ll be updating this list over the months to come. We also invite you to submit your boudoir photography studio for consideration.

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Bloomington & Chicago, IL

Cori Strong Photographer
Geographic Area: Bloomington & Chicago, Illinois
Professional Boudoir photographer capturing both the inner and outer beauty.
Contact: Cori Strong,

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Durham, NC

Alisha at Fearlessly Feminine
Geographic Area: Durham, North Carolina & Evansville, Indiana
Luxury Boudoir studio “creating emotive images and empowering women”.

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Los Angeles, CA

Castaneda Pictures

Geographic Area: Los Angeles, CA
“Each photo has a story”

Contact: Ryan

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Los Angeles, CA

Caroline Malouf
Geographic Area: Los Angeles, CA
“I’ve made it my life’s work to advocate self love and individualism for every woman I’ve photographed as a boudoir and glamor photographer”

Contact: Caroline

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Georgia

Jess Jones Boudoir
Geographic Area: Los Angeles, CA
“My mission is to empower the everyday woman to become wildly confident in her skin.”

Contact: Jess

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Maryland

Stace Bernard Photography
Geographic Area: Maryland
“Let’s discover the true you.”

Contact: Stace

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Las Vegas, NV

Ella Gagiano Studios
Geographic Area: Las Vegas, NV
“Las Vegas Boudoir Studio by women, for women.”

Contact: Ella

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Toronto

Kissed By Light Photo
Geographic Area: Toronto
“An experience created for women by women, the studio is a supportive and empowering environment”

Contact: Lora

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Virginia

Curves Boudoir
Geographic Area: Virginia
“A Curves Boudoir session is designed to be an empowering journey”

Contact: Amy

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Dallas, Tx

Beautiful You Studios

boudoir photography studio texas

Beautiful You Studios in Dallas, TX
Geographic Area: Dallas, TX & Beyond
Luxury Boudoir studio for women, by women.
Contact: Candace Perry,

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in San Diego, CA

Studio Carre Photography
Geographic Area: San Diego and Southern California
Southern California’s premier Boudoir studio.
Contact: Shannon Henry,

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Toronto

Visuphoria Photography
Geographic Area: Toronto, Canada
An empowering Boudoir experience making you feel more confident and beautiful than before.
Contact: Brad Walsh,

Lingerie For your Boudoir Photography Session

boudoir photography sessionLooking for lingerie for your upcoming boudoir photo shoot? We’ve put together a special bundle of items selected specifically for boudoir photo shoots.

Buy the best lingeire for your boudoir photo shoot here . . . 

Your Boudoir Experience

Did you have a terrific boudoir photography experience? Please, drop us a line and let us know.

14 Gift Ideas For Steak BJ Day

Fourteen Steak and BJ Gift Ideas . . .

For Couples Celebrating The Ultimate Anti-Valentine’s Day

March 14 is the anti-Valentine’s Day to end all red-and-pink romantic hallmark dreams. Yes, it’s a thing, and it’s real name is Steak and Blow Job Day, hereafter politely referred to as Steak and BJ Day. To celebrate this questionably-needed day, we offer you 14 Steak and BJ Day gift ideas for your husband, lover or other manly man.

1. The Perfect Steak and BJ Gift Idea Your Husband Is Guaranteed To Love

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. Present his steak in the sauciest, sexiest, most fun lingerie on earth. (Well, certainly the best in your lingerie drawer.) Outfit yourself in [ENCLOSED] knickers or body lingerie, and pour on the steak sauce.

Husband credit customer testimonial

2. The Wagyu Beef Rolls Royce of Headphones

Ready to spend some serious coin? Get him the ultra-best in audio with the HIFIMAN HE1000 V2 Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones. If beautiful design and total luxury are his thing, then this is a sexy gift. And how do you present your Steak and Blow Job Day gift? Wearing nothing but headphones and lingerie. Boom.

HIFIMAN Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones Gift Idea

3. The Steak and BJ Day Gift Idea For The Meat Man

Of course, you get him an awesome gift for grilling. But what does that entail? Let the dudes down at Mancrates take care of the Steak and BJ Day gift with the Mancrate grilling crate. If you are someone who really doesn’t like giving blow jobs, just fill him up with meat and perhaps he’ll be so satisfied you’ll be off the hook. grill master crate mancrates

4. Here’s The Rub: The Dirtiest Sounding Steak And BJ Day Gift Idea

Give him a good rub-down this Steak And BJ Day with well, meat rub. No, we are not getting dirty here (although you might), with these extra-saucy meat rubs. If you do like giving him a BJ, don’t overdo this one or he may be a little ahem, spent. So, here’s the rub . . .

heres the rub steak bj day gift

5. The No Outfit Needed Steak And BJ Day Gift Idea

You don’t even need to choose an outfit for this Steak And BJ Day gift idea. You just need to perhaps do your hair (your hair down there?) and get cookin’ (literally.) What we have in mind is good old fashioned naked dinner. Set the table, or spread a blanket on the floor and eat what you please. Steak and babysitter recommended.

cooking dinner steak bj day gift idea

6. The Total Madness Steak And BJ Day Gift Idea

It’s no coincidence that Steak And BJ Day falls just before March Madness. So, what’s your Steak And BJ Day gift to him? Send him out for a night with the boys during March Madness. And the total bonus? You get a night in with your sweet self or out with your friends. Win win, no tournament needed.
march madness basketball

7. The Cliché Steak And BJ Day Gift Idea For The Manly Man

This Steak And BJ Day gift idea is so classic, it’s a cliché. Power tools from the power brand, Craftsman. Hey, you might get some home repairs as a result.

craftsman tools gift idea

8. The Not-So-DIY Steak and BJ Gift Idea For The Meat Man

Cut right to the bone. (Get it?) Surprise your man on this day of steak-celebration with a Steak of the month or meat of the month gift from Butcher Box.  So, Surprise him with a nice Tenderloin, and make him go tender in his loins (if you know what we mean.)
bucher box steak as steak bj day gift

9. The Steak and BJ and Beer Gift Idea

Craft beers are like fine lingerie; diverse, hand-crafted and endlessly wonderful to explore. So, help him explore on Steak and BJ Day with a Craft Beer Club Membership.

craft beer club gift idea

10. The Steak and BJ Day Gift Idea For The Guy Who Loves You (almost) As Much As His Porsche

He’s already obsessed with his Porsche. Let him ride with that love. Introduce him to DeMan Motorsport where he can fine tune his car, go to races, the pavement is the limit.

Porsche Motorsport racetrack gift idea

11. Holy Smoke! The Perfect Cigar Lover‘s Steak and BJ Day Gift Idea

Legend has it that the best Cuban cigars are rolled by women on their thighs. Why not roll your man a cigar every month with the Cigar of the Month Club Gift Idea For Steak and BJ Day?

rare cigar of the month club gift idea

12. The Hottest Steak And BJ Day Gift Idea

Steak and BJ Day is all about keeping things hot, so why not do so literally with the gift of hot sauce? (No, not you, hot lady, but the kind in a bottle.) Check out Fuego box for a super-hot Steak And BJ Day gift idea.

fuego box hot sauce steak bj day gift idea

13. The Covert Yet Elegant Flask Gift Idea

He’s classy, yet sly. He’s got a passion for a highly-specific brand of whisky and must have it on him at all times. Enable this obsession with a fine Bond-worthy sterling silver hip flask from Sir Jacks.

sterling silver 7oz hip flask luxury gift idea

14. Naughty S&M Playing Cards

Not just a blowjob! Sexy card games are some of the easiest to play because all you need is a deck of Sex & Mischief cards from Kinkly and a little imagination!

Sexy card games steak and blowjob day gift idea

15. The Sexy Artsy Steak and BJ Day Gift For Both Of You

Record your Steak and BJ Day celebrations with the Love Is Art Kit. Perhaps even trace the steak so you remember this delicious dinner?

love is art steak bj day gift idea
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15. The OG Steak and BJ Day Website

Yes, there is an “official” Steak and BJ Day website. At least there used to be. We are not sure what became of this brilliant company that even had a merchandise section. They do still have an Instagram presence which is delightfully PG and safe for work.

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This article was brought to you by the Knicker Ladies at Enclosed, the best Steak and BJ Day gift of all. Enclosed is an upscale lingerie subscription club. Each pair of knickers is handpicked by us, customized to the customer’s preference and delivered right to her doorstep. With a 100% size guarantee, there is no worrying about buying the wrong size. Sign up to be a member of Enclosed.

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7 Tips To Fire-Up Your Love Life This Holiday Season

From buying gifts to traveling for family, you might find yourself getting lost in all the holiday chaos and letting your love life take a back seat in Santa’s sleigh. Don’t let the madness of the holidays kill your relationship magic. Keep your love life out of the cold with these sure-fire ways to get your firewood burning this season.

Love Life Tip 1: Don’t Wait to Be Under the Mistletoe

exceeded expectations customer reviewVisiting the family for the holidays isn’t the sexiest of getaways, but it shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying a special weekend with your beau. It might be easy to dismiss any type of affection when your parents are a room over but it’s important to make an effort and prioritize alone time. Grab a snog wherever you can! If you aren’t sure how to initiate sexy time, surprise your partner with your favorite piece of lingerie and let your body do the talking.

Love Life Tip 2: Decorate Your Cookies

Desserts luxury decadentGet messy in the kitchen and bake each other’s favorite holiday treats. Use this baking experience to create flirty competition between you and your partner. Regardless if you choose to do this in the nude or fully dressed, just make sure you save some chocolate for later! Not only will this leave you with some tasty treats, but it will help you spend quality time together during the hectic holidays!

Love Life Tip 3: Become Santa’s Little Helper

best christmas gift wifeToss those ugly Christmas sweaters out the window and spice things up with some roleplaying! Nothing is sexier than dressing up in all red, so put on your best Christmas panties and Santa hat and let your fantasies run free. If you want to take it to the next level, you can decide whether your partner is on the naughty or nice list.

Love Life Tip 4: Bundle Up To Each Other

intimacy tip couple kissingIf you’re struggling to find a way to embrace the cold weather keeping you indoors with your significant other, then turn your place into your own personal spa. Giving each other massages is a fun way to spark intimacy before the real fun. Incorporate essential oils like cinnamon bark, whose spicy and warm aroma will surely set the mood and reveal any tension.

Love Life Tip 5: Get Festive

sexy christmas panties and christmas treeIt might seem tempting to stay in and hibernate all winter long but the holiday season is packed full of fun parties. Give yourself a sexy night out with your partner, and let the eggnog flow! Feel confident by changing out of your Christmas sweatpants and into something sultry. A change of scenery might just help jingle your partner’s bells and have them wanting to ride the sleigh all night long.

Love Life Tip 6: Naughty Stocking Stuffers

quality kinky lingerie customer reviewWant to add a sexy little shock to your boring old gift exchange? Leave little surprises in your partner’s stocking leading up to Christmas, like sex toys to liven up your love life or premature ejaculation spray to help kick any performance-related stress and keep the lovemaking going longer. Keep the gifts small and enjoyable for both, and if you’re on a tight budget, create personal naughty coupons to introduce sensual activities you both would love.

Love Life Tip 7: Get Wrapped Up

tip for love life wrap upIf you’re stuck on what exactly to get that special someone, then think outside of the box! Grab some red ribbon and make yourself the gift. Your beau won’t be able to resist unwrapping you a little early. Other fun activities like decorating in the nude with your special someone will surely leave you two cuddling by the fire!

Prioritize yourself and that special someone, and don’t let the busy holiday season get in the way of making the naughty list.

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Enclosed Lingerie On Sex With Emiy

Enclosed On Dr. Emily’s Podcast

sex with emily enclosed coupon

So I was driving home from the [ENCLOSED]‘s offices and store in San Francisco listening to SiriusXm mulling over what to cook for dinner (yes, I know, sexy stuff) and happened upon a radio show that truly resonated with me. I heard real people – men and women of all ages – calling in with heartfelt, challenging questions about sex and relationships. But what set this show appart was the quality and tenor of the host’s responses. This “Doctor Emily”, as I learned she was called, was warm, thoughtful, insightful and knowledgable. She was applying her expertise in ways that were going to positively impact these people’s sex, lives and sex lives.

feel special customer review

That’s when I had my ah-ha moment; these are our people. These people that are calling in to Dr. Emily are so similar to [ENCLOSED] members. In both cases – when calling Dr. Emily or subscribing to [ENCLOSED] – people are looking for insight, tools and assistance in helping themselves and their significant others feel good about themselves and their sexuality.

feel sexy mind lingerie

Just as Sex With Emily isn’t just answering questions, [ENCLOSED]isn’t about  the packaging with rose petals, or even the high end lingerie. The point of [ENCLOSED] is the way it makes you feel. By giving [ENCLOSED] you show the woman you love that you find her beautiful and desirable. In receiving [ENCLOSED], you get a tangible demonstration of love; every month when you open that iconic box, you know that someone finds your sexy and deserving of feeling totally adored.

couple feel confident testimonial husband review

So, if your not yet familiar with Sex With Emily, check it out. If you’r new to the world of [ENCLOSED]‘s luxe lingerie gifts, take a look at some seriously gorgeous panties or super-sexy lingerie gifts. Read what some of our 30,000+ our members say about the experience of giving and receiving [ENCLOSED].

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