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Best First Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Father To-Be . . .

For the Father of Your (Future) Children

It’s your first Father’s Day as newlyweds and your new dad deserves a little something special from you. Even if his “children” are the still in the belly, or of the canine variety, why not give him a gift? Here are some sophisticated first Father’s Day gift ideas that he is sure to love.

A Customized First Father’s Day Gift Idea

Tell the story of your love for him from your or the kiddo’s perspective. A fully-customized first Father’s Day book from Love Books Online. We adore their purpose which is “To share and spread love between individuals, couples, and families.”

[On a personal note, I gave this to my husband two years ago, he legit loved it. – Antonia]

fathers day gift idea bookFirst Father’s Day Gift Idea For The Chef: What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

For the foodie, here’s a tempting Father’s Day gift . . . Fork Me, Spoon Me: the sensual cookbook is an aphrodisiac cookbook. Get cooking with sensual recipes like Moist Mango Meatloaf and drink recipes from Ginger Mojitos to a classic White Peach Bellini.

father's day gift idea: sexy book

First Father’s Day Gift Idea For Father-To-Be: The Long & Lat Of Fatherhood

Commemorate where it all began with cufflinks bearing the longitude and latitude of where you conceived (!) your little one. Lat and Lo offers customizable gift cuff links that are just perfect for a Father’s Day gift that commemorates conception.

[Another personal note, I gave this to my husband for an anniversary gift. Well, different cufflinks, but I did the longitude and latitude thing. It went over well. – Antonia]
father day gift idea commemorate conception

First Father’s Day Gift Idea For Old-School Daddy: A Clean Dad Face

A shiny new shaving set is the perfect way to shower your man with the care he deserves. Plus, you will get to enjoy the freshly smooth face of the father of your children. Mekur Shaving Kit Fathers Day

A Little Whisky Business For His First Father’s Day Gift

Nothing says manly more than holding a glass of whiskey. Gift him a gorgeous bottle and get ready for a smoky Sunday June 16, 2019 Father’s Day night.
Glayva Whiskey Scotch Fathers Day

First Father’s Day Gift Idea For The Canine Daddy

Is he a devoted hooman to a fur baby? Deck him and the pooch out in matching togs by getting them each cool-father fur-baby Hawaiian shirts.

Fathers day dog outfit

Hot Daddy Loves Hot Sauce

Does your Daddy like it spicy? And he’s got a DIY streak a mile long. Get him a hot sauce kit that he makes himself from ManCrates.

father day gift idea hot sauce making kit

The Luxe First Father’s Day Gift Idea

A comfy robe is a classic gift that everyone loves. Add a little kick by getting it monogrammed with “Daddy” or your favorite pet name. It will take him by surprise and maybe he will take you by surprise . . .
Monogrammed Robe Fathers Day

A Naughty Little Game To Help You Make That Baby

Father’s Day is about celebrating the great father he will be so why not add some spice? These naughty dice are not your average run of the mill type. The sleek silver adds a classy effect for your classy yet naughty Baby Daddy.
Naught Dice Fathers Day

Finger-Licking Good First Father’s Day Gift Idea

What person would not want a box full of mouth-watering barbecue delivered right to their doorstep? Our friends at Pig of the Month deliver the best ribs, pulled pork and bacon, all ready to go. Just heat up that grille you got from your wedding registry, pop open a beer and enjoy each other’s company amidst the savory smell of those ribs cooking away.
Pig of the Month Fathers Day

The First Father’s Day Gift Idea For Both Of You

Last but not least, something both you and him can enjoy. Sometimes called “the best baby making father’s day gift ever invented*”, Enclosed lingerie subscription is all you need to make family time. A monthly subscription of Enclosed for Father’s Day will give you two enough baby making fun for the rest of the year. This gift will let his imagination run wild. Perhaps by this time next year, you two will be celebrating with a new little someone in the family.

* This quote cannot be verified at this time, but there was a great deal of baby-making practice involved.

sexy mother day gift ideas

Sexy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Give The Mother Of Your Children This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and the mother of your children deserves something memorable this year. Looking for mother’s day gift ideas? Ditch the the boring traditional Mother’s Day gifts and opt for one of these sexy and romantic Mother’s Day gift alternatives.

sexy mother day gift robe

The Ultra-Feminine Sexy Gift Idea: Sexy Kimono

Pamper the mother of your children with this colorful chiffon robe from Naked Princess. This sexy Mother’s Day gift idea is both flirty and sultry.

The Maternal Love Bond

Delight the mother of your children (or yes, future children) with sophisticated scents by fabled New York parfumerie, Bond No. 9. Personally, we’d love the rose-and-hyacinth scented Madison Square Park Candle.

staycation hotel room

The Romantic  Mother’s Day Gift Idea: The Staycation

Get a babysitter and book a night at nice hotel downtown for the two of you. Enjoy a night out and going “home” to fresh sheets and ultra-plush hotel pillows. The best part? You don’t have to clean up after yourself.

body chain gift

The (Slightly) Kinky Sexy Mothers Day Gift Idea: All Chained Up

For this sexy Mother’s Day Gift idea, ditch the traditional #1Mom jewelry and select a delicate belly chain.

kitty headband sexy accessory

The Mother’s Day Gift Idea For the playful Mom

Dare to gift your wife this sexy Mother’s Day gift that will transport her to an imaginative world of play and fantasy with these cute Kitty Kat Headband. With these ears on the fun keeps going even after you’ve put the kids to  bed.

discreet eye mask gift

The Sleepy Sexy Mothers Day Gift Idea: Blindfold for Your Dynamic Hot Mama

Because every mother needs more sleep. Gift her this KissKill blindfold as an alternative sexy Mother’s Day gift that she can use both for a good night of slumber or a naughty night of fun.

date night occasion

The Mothers Day Gift Idea For Your Foodie: Dinner Courtesy of A Private Chef

Give the mother of your children a break using a sexy Mother’s Day gift such as this one. Hire a personal chef to cook as she unwinds for a romantic dinner for two.

rose petal bath

The Sensual Mother’s Day Gift Idea: A Sexy Bath of Roses

What better way to pamper her than with a relaxing bath of luxurious real rose petals? You get the champagne and candles, let FlyBoy Naturals take care of the flowers.  An unforgettable sexy Mother’s Day gift!

farmgirl flowers unique bouquet

The Classic Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Extravagant Arrangements

If you are going to go the traditional route you absolute MUST step it up and out-do the old grocery store variety.  Surprise her with an utterly stunning bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers – these gorgeous arrangements ship nationally! 

lingerie gift box

The Ultimate Sexy Mother’s Day Gift: A Gift that Keeps On Giving

Celebrate your wife and the mother of your children all year-round with a subscription to Enclosed. This luxury monthly subscription box is just the thing to make her feel extra-special & loved month after month – the perfect sexy Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving.

boudoir photoshoot for mothers day

The Boudoir Photo Shoot For Your Hot Mama

Gift that gorgeous mama an intimate, safe celebration of her sensual beauty with a personal boudoir photoshoot. She’ll have fun doing it and you’ll both adore the resulting images that celebrate her inner and outer beauty.

Find a reputable boudoir photographer here . . .

Find lingerie for your boudoir photo shoot here . . .

Create A “Kissing Portal” Of Love For Mother’s Day

Give the mother in your life a gift she can share with her children, her parter, and even her besties; with Kissing Portal bracelets she can wear a reminder of love on her wrist. When friends and family cannot be together in person, the Portal gives you a way to connect and share the love.

Mama Needs Some Maha Love This Mother’s Day

Sooth that frenzied Mother with Maharindee, a CBD-powered skin care line that is cruelty-free, meticulously sourced, and super-sustainable too boot. Founded by our founder’s long-time friend, Shona, we think every mother needs a little Maharindee Love.

mother children beautiful note

How Do You Show Mother’s Day Love?

Have a brilliant suggestion that Mamas adore? Let us know by emailing us your thoughts . . .

11 Ways To Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Special

So, your wife finally has a little bun in her oven and you two couldn’t be happier. Pregnancy has been proven to reinforce relationships, but she might need some extra help feeling the love. Keep on reading for eleven ways to make your wife feel special during her pregnancy. As they say, happy wife, happy life.

1. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Beautiful: Compliment Her

This seems so simple, but the best things usually are. Your pregnant wife might start to feel insecure as her body goes through changes, and reassuring her the best you can will do wonders for her self-confidence. Telling her you find her beautiful and that her figure is more attractive than ever is a sure-fire way to bring a smile to her face.

2. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Sexy: Get Her Pretty Lingerie

pregnant wife undiesHere at Enclosed we are firm believers in the beneficial powers of a pretty pair of panties, especially if they can boost a woman’s feeling of self-worth. And there is no time when a woman needs that more than when she is pregnant. (Her first Mother’s Day is usually when she is pregnant.) We’ve spoken to dozens of pregnant women about what they want in underwear; and the responses were clear. Pregnant women don’t just want ugly granny-panties, they still want to feel beautiful. And pregnancy panties can be sexy. So to treat your baby mama to something special, surprise her with a sexy subscription to the world’s finest lingerie club . . . 

If you need a little help choosing what to get her, at Enclosed we are experts in the matter: every month we get fathers-to-be telling us their wives are so-and-so months pregnant, and we carefully select what we know will look and fit them best. Just mention that she is pregnant under “special requests” during checkout, and we’ll take care of all the rest.

Note, buying her bras will be more trouble than it’s worth: not only will her breasts grow every month, but they are also much more sensitive, which means she needs firm support.

3. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Treasured: Take Her Out

Your wife might feel a little slow as the trimesters pass, but taking her out on dates will not only get you two moving but it is an opportunity for you to show her off. Whether you decide to treat her to a fancy restaurant or just a simple movie date, be affectionate in public (without crossing a line—tacky). She will be happy you are proud of her, in all her big-bellied glory.

4. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Fresh: Take Her Shopping

It is frustrating for anyone to realize that their favorite jeans or t-shirt fits a little too snug. Make her feel brand-new by shopping for clothes, and note, this does not have to be maternity clothes, but just for outfits that compliment her new curves.  Take a look at Séraphine for a start.

5. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Heard: Listen To Her

Hopefully this is something you already do, but it should be accentuated during her pregnancy. Your wife is going through a life changing experience that affects mind, body and soul. She will need to evacuate her feelings, whether it be fears, concerns or worries. Listen to her with compassion.

6. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Young: Flirt With Her In Public

pregnant wife underwearKeeping things light and sexy during a “serious” time will take off the edge and overall instill a sense of playfulness in your relationship. So go ahead and flirt like when you had just met, it will make every moment together feel more special.

7. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Carefree: Reassure Her

Being pregnant is scary. Even though you can be there for her every day, she is still the one carrying a child and that is nerve-racking in itself. Listen to her worries of course, but reassure her. If she is concerned about an aspect of her pregnancy, buy some books and find reassuring facts. Books we definitely recommend are The Expectant Father, Your Pregnancy For The Father To Be, and Dude, You’re Gonna Be A Dad! Make her worries your own and whatever happens, always remind her that you are in this with her.

8. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Attended To: Be Involved

Being emotionally there for your pregnant wife is a given, but your actual presence matters just as much. Go to every doctor’s appointment, try to spend as much time as you can at home and check in often. You might be busy at work but set some time aside for her and her belly: after all, you only have nine months.

9. Make Your Wife Feel Sensible: Be Tactful

Choosing your words carefully around your pregnant wife is crucial to making her feel special. Pregnant women do have a surplus of hormones which can make them feel overly emotional or sensitive at times, which is why you need to make sure the compliments you make her are genuine. Be careful about teasing her on sensitive subjects, she might have laughed with you pre-pregnancy but it might backfire on you now.

10. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Wanted: Seduce Her

thong on pregnant womanContrary to popular belief, a pregnancy is not synonymous with nine months without sex. Your pregnant wife’s hormones are a bit all over the place which means her libido might go way up (or way down.) If she is in the mood, (and with permission from her doctor), don’t be shy to make a move. She will be thrilled you find her new curvy body arousing, so prepare for a mind-blowing night (or day) of sex.

11. Make Your Pregnant Wife Feel Cherished: Enjoy The Present

Enjoy time with your pregnant wife before the baby arrives because once the little bun comes out of the oven, nothing will ever be the same. Try to not think of your wife’s pregnancy as a countdown but rather as a journey that you are taking together. Remind her often about how happy you are she is carrying your child and cherish the special bond you now have.

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Boudoir Photoshoot Sexy Wife Gift

Top Reputable Boudoir Photography Studios

The following is the very beginning of a listicle featuring some of the top boudoir studios and top boudoir photographers we have worked with. We’ll be updating this list over the months to come. We also invite you to submit your boudoir photography studio for consideration.

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Bloomington & Chicago, IL

Cori Strong Photographer

Geographic Area: Bloomington & Chicago, Illinois
Professional Boudoir photographer capturing both the inner and outer beauty.
Contact: Cori Strong, cori@coristrong.com

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Dallas, Tx

Beautiful You Studios

boudoir photography studio texas

Beautiful You Studios in Dallas, TX

Geographic Area: Dallas, TX & Beyond
Luxury Boudoir studio for women, by women.
Contact: Candace Perry, candace@beautifulyoustudios.com

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in San Diego, CA

Studio Carre Photography

Geographic Area: San Diego and Southern California
Southern California’s premier Boudoir studio.
Contact: Shannon Henry, info@studiocarre.com

Top Boudoir Photography Studio in Toronto

Visuphoria Photography

Geographic Area: Toronto, Canada
An empowering Boudoir experience making you feel more confident and beautiful than before.
Contact: Brad Walsh, brad@visuphoria.ca

Lingerie For your Boudoir Photography Session

boudoir photography sessionLooking for lingerie for your upcoming boudoir photo shoot? We’ve put together a special bundle of items selected specifically for boudoir photo shoots.

Buy the best lingeire for your boudoir photo shoot here . . . 

Your Boudoir Experience

Did you have a terrific boudoir photography experience? Please, drop us a line and let us know.

14 Gift Ideas For Steak BJ Day

Fourteen Steak and BJ Gift Ideas . . .

For Couples Celebrating The Ultimate Anti-Valentine’s Day

March 14 is the anti-Valentine’s Day to end all red-and-pink romantic hallmark dreams. Yes, it’s a thing, and it’s real name is Steak and Blow Job Day, hereafter politely referred to as Steak and BJ Day. To celebrate this questionably-needed day, we offer you 14 Steak and BJ Day gift ideas for your husband, lover or other manly man.

1. The Perfect Steak and BJ Gift Idea Your Husband Is Guaranteed To Love

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. Present his steak in the sauciest, sexiest, most fun lingerie on earth. (Well, certainly the best in your lingerie drawer.) Outfit yourself in [ENCLOSED] knickers or body lingerie, and pour on the steak sauce.

Husband credit customer testimonial

2. The Wagyu Beef Rolls Royce of Headphones

Ready to spend some serious coin? Get him the ultra-best in audio with the HIFIMAN HE1000 V2 Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones. If beautiful design and total luxury are his thing, then this is a sexy gift. And how do you present your Steak and Blow Job Day gift? Wearing nothing but headphones and lingerie. Boom.

HIFIMAN Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones Gift Idea

3. The Steak and BJ Day Gift Idea For The Meat Man

Of course, you get him an awesome gift for grilling. But what does that entail? Let the dudes down at Mancrates take care of the Steak and BJ Day gift with the Mancrate grilling crate. If you are someone who really doesn’t like giving blow jobs, just fill him up with meat and perhaps he’ll be so satisfied you’ll be off the hook. grill master crate mancrates

4. Here’s The Rub: The Dirtiest Sounding Steak And BJ Day Gift Idea

Give him a good rub-down this Steak And BJ Day with well, meat rub. No, we are not getting dirty here (although you might), with these extra-saucy meat rubs. If you do like giving him a BJ, don’t overdo this one or he may be a little ahem, spent. So, here’s the rub . . .

heres the rub steak bj day gift

5. The No Outfit Needed Steak And BJ Day Gift Idea

You don’t even need to choose an outfit for this Steak And BJ Day gift idea. You just need to perhaps do your hair (your hair down there?) and get cookin’ (literally.) What we have in mind is good old fashioned naked dinner. Set the table, or spread a blanket on the floor and eat what you please. Steak and babysitter recommended.

cooking dinner steak bj day gift idea

6. The Total Madness Steak And BJ Day Gift Idea

It’s no coincidence that Steak And BJ Day falls just before March Madness. So, what’s your Steak And BJ Day gift to him? Send him out for a night with the boys during March Madness. And the total bonus? You get a night in with your sweet self or out with your friends. Win win, no tournament needed.
march madness basketball

7. The Cliché Steak And BJ Day Gift Idea For The Manly Man

This Steak And BJ Day gift idea is so classic, it’s a cliché. Power tools from the power brand, Craftsman. Hey, you might get some home repairs as a result.

craftsman tools gift idea

8. The Not-So-DIY Steak and BJ Gift Idea For The Meat Man

Cut right to the bone. (Get it?) Surprise your man on this day of steak-celebration with a Steak of the month or meat of the month gift from Butcher Box.  So, Surprise him with a nice Tenderloin, and make him go tender in his loins (if you know what we mean.)
bucher box steak as steak bj day gift

9. The Steak and BJ and Beer Gift Idea

Craft beers are like fine lingerie; diverse, hand-crafted and endlessly wonderful to explore. So, help him explore on Steak and BJ Day with a Craft Beer Club Membership.

craft beer club gift idea

10. The Steak and BJ Day Gift Idea For The Guy Who Loves You (almost) As Much As His Porsche

He’s already obsessed with his Porsche. Let him ride with that love. Introduce him to DeMan Motorsport where he can fine tune his car, go to races, the pavement is the limit.

Porsche Motorsport racetrack gift idea

11. Holy Smoke! The Perfect Cigar Lover‘s Steak and BJ Day Gift Idea

Legend has it that the best Cuban cigars are rolled by women on their thighs. Why not roll your man a cigar every month with the Cigar of the Month Club Gift Idea For Steak and BJ Day?

rare cigar of the month club gift idea

12. The Hottest Steak And BJ Day Gift Idea

Steak and BJ Day is all about keeping things hot, so why not do so literally with the gift of hot sauce? (No, not you, hot lady, but the kind in a bottle.) Check out Fuego box for a super-hot Steak And BJ Day gift idea.

fuego box hot sauce steak bj day gift idea

13. The Covert Yet Elegant Flask Gift Idea

He’s classy, yet sly. He’s got a passion for a highly-specific brand of whisky and must have it on him at all times. Enable this obsession with a fine Bond-worthy sterling silver hip flask from Sir Jacks.

sterling silver 7oz hip flask luxury gift idea

14. Naughty S&M Playing Cards

Not just a blowjob! Sexy card games are some of the easiest to play because all you need is a deck of Sex & Mischief cards from Kinkly and a little imagination!

Sexy card games steak and blowjob day gift idea

15. The Sexy Artsy Steak and BJ Day Gift For Both Of You

Record your Steak and BJ Day celebrations with the Love Is Art Kit. Perhaps even trace the steak so you remember this delicious dinner?

love is art steak bj day gift idea
This article was brought to you by the Knicker Ladies at Enclosed, the best Steak and BJ Day gift of all. Enclosed is an upscale lingerie subscription club. Each pair of knickers is handpicked by us, customized to the customer’s preference and delivered right to her doorstep. With a 100% size guarantee, there is no worrying about buying the wrong size. Sign up to be a member of Enclosed.

15. The OG Steak and BJ Day Website

Yes, there is an “official” Steak and BJ Day website. At least there used to be. We are not sure what became of this brilliant company that even had a merchandise section. They do still have an Instagram presence which is delightfully PG and safe for work.

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This article was brought to you by the Knicker Ladies at Enclosed, the best Steak and BJ Day gift of all. Enclosed is an upscale lingerie subscription club. Each pair of knickers is handpicked by us, customized to the customer’s preference and delivered right to her doorstep. With a 100% size guarantee, there is no worrying about buying the wrong size. Sign up to be a member of Enclosed.

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7 Tips To Fire-Up Your Love Life This Holiday Season

From buying gifts to traveling for family, you might find yourself getting lost in all the holiday chaos and letting your love life take a back seat in Santa’s sleigh. Don’t let the madness of the holidays kill your relationship magic. Keep your love life out of the cold with these sure-fire ways to get your firewood burning this season.

Love Life Tip 1: Don’t Wait to Be Under the Mistletoe

exceeded expectations customer reviewVisiting the family for the holidays isn’t the sexiest of getaways, but it shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying a special weekend with your beau. It might be easy to dismiss any type of affection when your parents are a room over but it’s important to make an effort and prioritize alone time. Grab a snog wherever you can! If you aren’t sure how to initiate sexy time, surprise your partner with your favorite piece of lingerie and let your body do the talking.

Love Life Tip 2: Decorate Your Cookies

Desserts luxury decadentGet messy in the kitchen and bake each other’s favorite holiday treats. Use this baking experience to create flirty competition between you and your partner. Regardless if you choose to do this in the nude or fully dressed, just make sure you save some chocolate for later! Not only will this leave you with some tasty treats, but it will help you spend quality time together during the hectic holidays!

Love Life Tip 3: Become Santa’s Little Helper

best christmas gift wifeToss those ugly Christmas sweaters out the window and spice things up with some roleplaying! Nothing is sexier than dressing up in all red, so put on your best Christmas panties and Santa hat and let your fantasies run free. If you want to take it to the next level, you can decide whether your partner is on the naughty or nice list.

Love Life Tip 4: Bundle Up To Each Other

intimacy tip couple kissingIf you’re struggling to find a way to embrace the cold weather keeping you indoors with your significant other, then turn your place into your own personal spa. Giving each other massages is a fun way to spark intimacy before the real fun. Incorporate essential oils like cinnamon bark, whose spicy and warm aroma will surely set the mood and reveal any tension.

Love Life Tip 5: Get Festive

sexy christmas panties and christmas treeIt might seem tempting to stay in and hibernate all winter long but the holiday season is packed full of fun parties. Give yourself a sexy night out with your partner, and let the eggnog flow! Feel confident by changing out of your Christmas sweatpants and into something sultry. A change of scenery might just help jingle your partner’s bells and have them wanting to ride the sleigh all night long.

Love Life Tip 6: Naughty Stocking Stuffers

quality kinky lingerie customer reviewWant to add a sexy little shock to your boring old gift exchange? Leave little surprises in your partner’s stocking leading up to Christmas, like sex toys to liven up your love life or premature ejaculation spray to help kick any performance-related stress and keep the lovemaking going longer. Keep the gifts small and enjoyable for both, and if you’re on a tight budget, create personal naughty coupons to introduce sensual activities you both would love.

Love Life Tip 7: Get Wrapped Up

tip for love life wrap upIf you’re stuck on what exactly to get that special someone, then think outside of the box! Grab some red ribbon and make yourself the gift. Your beau won’t be able to resist unwrapping you a little early. Other fun activities like decorating in the nude with your special someone will surely leave you two cuddling by the fire!

Prioritize yourself and that special someone, and don’t let the busy holiday season get in the way of making the naughty list.

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Enclosed Lingerie On Sex With Emiy

Enclosed On Dr. Emily’s Podcast

sex with emily enclosed coupon

So I was driving home from the [ENCLOSED]‘s offices and store in San Francisco listening to SiriusXm mulling over what to cook for dinner (yes, I know, sexy stuff) and happened upon a radio show that truly resonated with me. I heard real people – men and women of all ages – calling in with heartfelt, challenging questions about sex and relationships. But what set this show appart was the quality and tenor of the host’s responses. This “Doctor Emily”, as I learned she was called, was warm, thoughtful, insightful and knowledgable. She was applying her expertise in ways that were going to positively impact these people’s sex, lives and sex lives.

feel special customer review

That’s when I had my ah-ha moment; these are our people. These people that are calling in to Dr. Emily are so similar to [ENCLOSED] members. In both cases – when calling Dr. Emily or subscribing to [ENCLOSED] – people are looking for insight, tools and assistance in helping themselves and their significant others feel good about themselves and their sexuality.

feel sexy mind lingerie

Just as Sex With Emily isn’t just answering questions, [ENCLOSED]isn’t about  the packaging with rose petals, or even the high end lingerie. The point of [ENCLOSED] is the way it makes you feel. By giving [ENCLOSED] you show the woman you love that you find her beautiful and desirable. In receiving [ENCLOSED], you get a tangible demonstration of love; every month when you open that iconic box, you know that someone finds your sexy and deserving of feeling totally adored.

couple feel confident testimonial husband review

So, if your not yet familiar with Sex With Emily, check it out. If you’r new to the world of [ENCLOSED]‘s luxe lingerie gifts, take a look at some seriously gorgeous panties or super-sexy lingerie gifts. Read what some of our 30,000+ our members say about the experience of giving and receiving [ENCLOSED].

Yours truly,


Founder & Chief Knicker Officer

P.S. If you are looking for a coupon code for a discount on your lingerie gift, just message us mentioning Sex With Emily and we’ll hook you up.

feels sexy clandestine

Best New SF Shopping District: The Dogpatch

For Gifts, Clothing or Just Walking Around, SF’s Dogpatch Is The New Place To Shop

Let’s just say it. San Francisco is not a shopping city. It’s got great food, wonderful outdoors, but it’s no shopping mecca. But San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood is the new shopping gem of the Bay Area. The following is round up of the shops of Dogpatch.

And no, we haven’t included the food. Ah, the wonderful food of Dogpatch. But that we will save for another blog post.

b8ta: Touch The Tech Of Tomorow

1699 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94158
b8ta callse themselves a “software-powered retailer creating interactive shopping experiences that are mutually beneficial for consumers and makers”. It looks like a Apple store, but what does that mean? Well, you can go in and try out the products – everything from ebikes to robots and other cool stuff. And it’s so new there isn’t even a yelp review. (I’ll update when I’ve dropped in this pod-like commercial enterprise.)

B8ta tech shopping in dogpatch

Bryr Clogs: Custom Trendy Delicious Footwear

2331 Third St. b/t 22nd St & 20th St., Dogpatch
Clogs are hot right now. And Bryr is one of two brands that have hit every fashion blog. Every pair of Bryr clogs are hand-made by Isobel Schofield and her small team in their combined store workshop which opens right onto Dogpatch’s Third street. People are obsessed with these clogs. Seriously. Their annual sample sales generate lines around, and around the block.
Although the prices aren’t cheap, I love that their clogs are made to order by hand in their SF studio by a crew of women! How amazing it that?
E Z.’s Review of Dogpatch’s Bryr on Yelp

Bryr Clogs shopping SF's Dogpatch

Cup Of Ceremony: An Experiential Candle Voyage

797 22nd St., San Francisco, CA 94107

Inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony, Cup of Ceremony is an experimental, sensory voyage through scent, taste, sight and touch using custom candle creation as the means of transport.  Now, is this shopping? We are not sure. We just know it is in Dogpatch and we want to do it.

They sell artisan hand poured candles in a beautiful cement base. The scents are sophisticated, clean and luxurious. The products fit right in to the beautiful interior.
Daniel K.’s Review of Dogpatch store Cup of Ceremony on Yelp

cup of ceremony candle from dogpatch sf

The Daily Driver’s Corner Store

2535 3rd Street, right in the Dogpatch

Plunge into the cavernous, stylish new bagel place and there on one side you’ll find what they are calling a “corner store”. Part cookware, part gifts, part whimsy, we like where this is headed.

daily driver corner store in dogpatch

Dependable Letterpress: Dogpatch’s Own Custom Printing

1192 Illinois St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Dependable is nice, but sounds rather boring, doesn’t it? The artistic, quality output of this place is really far more than dependable. Using vintage presses and experienced craftspeople, this letterpress is worth a visit even if you aren’t going to have exquisite cards, invitations, stationery, art, wine labels, books, or whatever made just-for-you.

While Dependable Letterpress is primarily a place for getting custom orders of stationery, business cards and wedding invitations printed, they have a selection of in-house-printed paper goods such as greeting cards, gift tags, notepads and posters and prints. They’re always happy to show visitors the process of printing with vintage presses.

“The quality is the best in SF.” (Nuf, said, right?)
Olivia W. Review of Dogpatch store Dependable Letterpress on Yelp

dependable letterpress shop in dogpatch

[ENCLOSED]: SF’s Largest Lingerie Store Offering High-End Custom Lingerie Services

156 Mississippi Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, off Illinois Street in Potrero Hill/ Dogpatch
When you first walk into the “Storage” building you are 100% sure you are in the wrong place. But go upstairs, find suite 17 and reveal one of the Bay Area’s true treasures; a veritable warehouse of  ultra-high-end designer lingerie offerings. While the “knicker ladies” encourage you to set up an appointment in advance so they can cater to your specific lingerie needs, they do take drop-ins.

Call to make an appointment: 1.800.653.2970 (M-F, 9 AM – 5 PM Pacific)

Note bene; gentlemen as well as ladies are most welcome as Enclosed focuses on lingerie as a gift, so anyone may avail themselves of the services that this incredible lingerie mecca offers.

Thoughtful, beautifully packaged romantic gifts are far and few between. enclosed is the real deal. my wife loves everything they curate and and the packaging is perfect. it doesn’t hurt that i happen to like the gifts too!
Jascha K. Review of Dogpatch store Enclosed on Yelp

lignerie gifts from Enclosed in SF dogpatch

Hugomento: Zen Selection Of Art & Objects

807 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Part gallery, part shop, part just lovely space to see, Hugomento offers a small, exquisitely presented range of objects in a tiny zen space. While the offerings change, the focus is on pottery and textiles. The style is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Asian aesthetics and forms.

dogpatch's hugomento pottery

Industrious Life: Curated, Quality Gifts

1095 Tennessee St, San Francisco, CA 94107
The perfect store for anyone who hates Hallmark. (Dear reader, I hope you are one of us.) Featuring contemporary and vintage design with items from Blabla dolls (freakishly lovely and adored by kids) to carefully curated jewelry, Industrious Life is a pleasure to peruse. I would travel across the city to shop here, but luckily, I live in Dogpatch so don’t have to. Patti and Patti, the owners, are lovely and ever-helpful without ever pressuring one to buy. (That said, I honestly get the two women confused. Go figure.)
Great funky local shop. I stop in frequently as the goods are always changing. They carry a well-curated mix of new, local, and vintage items.  . . . the quality of everything is excellent.
N B. Review of Dogpatch store Industrious Life on Yelp

dogpatch shopping at industrious life

M A C Modern Appealing Clothing

2331 Third St. b/t 22nd St & 20th St., Dogpatch
I have a hard time writing about this quirky Dogpatch shop as I think I’m not cool enough to really understand it. Beautiful design? Doubtless. Elegant apparel? Clearly. Who shops here? Perhaps David Byrne.

Goop (yes, that Goop) writes, “Focusing primarily on Belgian and Japanese designers (Engineered Garments, Dries Van Noten, Comme des Garçons), the long-standing MAC is one of the city’s primary destinations for edgier labels.” I’ll let their website further explain, “Handsome clothing from far and near , including the new Ted Muehling jeweley collection.” Hm.

M A C Modern Appealing Clothing_mac

Mid-Century Modern Finds: Treasures For The Home

435 23rd Street (By Appointment Only)
Christine and Carlos Villalta started Mid-Century Modern Finds ten years ago, focusing on finding and restoring vintage furniture, lighting, art, and accessories. I’ve gotten a chance to see their warehouse so know they have an amazing eye for design. Their space is filled with outstanding, beautiful usable home goods most of which you can find on their website, or make an appointment to see the home goods IRL.
Christine and Carlos are great curators of furniture from designers like Wegner, Baughman, and Pearsall, just to name a few. . . . They are super cool.
Brando P. via Yelp

MidCentury Modern Finds dogpatch shop

Museum of Craft and Design Store: Sweet Design-Forward Awesomeness In the Dogpatch

2569 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
There’s a museum in the Dogpatch? With an really excellent store? Yes and yes. Featuring design-centric books, jewelry, home goods and more, this is really a perfect place to shop for your design-snobby* friends and family. This Christmas I’ll be buying the adorable Wooden Rabbit Stacker Toy for all the tots on my list.

* And design-snobby, is not a bad thing. Own it.

Note, you can visit our store without purchasing an admission ticket to the museum. But why would you? The museum is awesome too.Museum of Craft and Design Store

Rickshaw Bagworks: Fresh Bags Made Daily

904 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107 Dogpatch
While the Rickshaw store is actually formally closed, I’m including it in this roundup as I really love the place. I first learned of their awesome home-grown product when my then employer, Turo, got each of us individualized bags. My pink and beige messenger has been a favorite ever since.

Nothing against Timbuk2 and Chrome messengers, but with Rickshaw, I get a little added fuzz factor in my heart knowing that I’m supporting a local SF business. Great company, good service. Love my bag. Check ’em out!”
Deanna Y. on Dogpatch’s Rickshaw Bags via Yelp

rickshaw bag works freshbags-sewing

Stashed SF: The Dogpatch Source For Hip Clothing

2360 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Before Stashed SF came to the Dogpatch ‘hood I thought that stores like this only existed in New York. My first glimmer of this cool new destination came when I saw a line all the way down third at 8 AM. It was all the more legit-than-hipster folks waiting for a shoe drop.

Stashed stocks sneakers and apparel, but it really is an experience therefore worth dropping buy even if you aren’t in then market for kicks. This place makes fashion-backwards SF look good.

“I was able to do more shopping here in 1 hour than a week in Tokyo.”
Kevin G. on the Dogpatch store, Stashed, via Yelp

Stashed_sf store dogpach shopping

Triple Aught Design: Hardcore Gear Awaits

660 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
When I first found Triple Aught the gear is so good looking I thought it was a shop for form-over-function driven faux outdoors people. But I was wrong. (Can you imagine that?) The goods here are super-functional, field-tested AND good looking.

Heads-up for the females; while I’m happy to report the store now offers a line of women’s wear, the store itself is pretty testosterone saturated, so may feel intimidating to women. But lean-in and go. I know you can do it.

“This location in Dogpatch feels very appropriate to the brand, the selection is good– they definitely hold back some gear from online for the store itself.”
Brian W. about Dogpatch store Triple Aught Design on Yelp

Triple Aught Design shopping dogpatch

Tina Frey Designs: Sublime Resin Household Objects

1485 Bancroft Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124 USA
There is something uber-satisfying about resin. Couple that juicy tactile feel with the organic shapes of Tina Frey’s work and you have something really special. Minimalist and elegant, these simple household objects are sublime gifts for anyone with any sense, or your sweet self.

I personally want something from her “lapin collection” for jack-rabbit obsessed self. Let’s see who reads this and thinks of me this Christmas.

Tina Frey Designs in dogpatch

Velocipede: Dogpatch’s Own-Possibly SF’s Best-Bike Store

2405 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Velocipede is legit. The real deal. Real bikers selling goods they believe in. Fred and the team genuinely want to help you whether it is getting a new ride for your tween or upgrading your road kit. They have a full range of products and services from electric bikes to repairs on your fixie.

“Absolutely the best, and still most organic homegrown shop there is. These guys know their stuff, for real. Don’t waste your time anywhere else.”

Casey F. via Yelp

dogpatch velocipede bike shop

Warriors Shop: Golden State Merch Mecca

660 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
One of these things is not like the others, right? Well, if you are looking for mass-market branded apparel, the Warriors shop at Chase Center is where it’s at. Not exactly bespoke or artisan, but certainly will draw the crowds to the Dogpach.

Oh, and the indoor ramps all over the store are super-fun if you are say, two years old and want to ride your Skuut bike throughout.

warriors shop at chase center in dogpatch

The Wine House

829 26 street. Yes, in the Dogpatch.
Is a wine house anything like a gingerbread house? Is it made of wine? The answer is yes. And I would like to move in. This place is the perfect destination to find your wine-loving self or friend a perfect holiday gift. While the shop started in 1977 as a French importer with a strong focus on Bordeaux, their current range is extraordinary. Their wine-of-the-month club sounds like the perfect pairing with a lingerie of-the-month club, right?

the wine house in dogpatch

Workshop Residence

797 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Walk into Workshop Residence and you’ll find yourself craving things you didn’t even know existed. A handcrafted wood and powder-coated metal dustpans with a block-style hand broom for $98. Now it’s on my Christmas list. But the real pleasure of this store is just drinking in the eclectic offerings that make the phrase “curated collection” desirable rather than tiresome. Stop by this studio store often as the offerings evolve monthly.

Never before have I stumbled into a place that I felt was so in tune with what’s happening “now” in the world, in a way that nobody else has yet thought of. Like pop-up shops, indie markets, slow food, and makers/DIYers this workshop/gallery/store is on the pulse of something current.
Tracey A. via Yelp

Workshop Residence dogpach studio and store

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What’s your favorite store? Have we missed a Dogpatch shopping gem? Let us know.

AMA with Model Sarah Clayton

It’s not often you get to ask any question – yes really anything – of one of the people you admire. But we jumped into our AMA knickers at the chance to learn more about Sarah Clayton’s secrets and passions. So, here’s our  little round of “Ask Me Anything” with Sarah Clayton . . . 

Sarah Clayton In ENCLOSED Black Lace Lingerie

Sarah Clayton In ENCLOSED Black Lace Lingerie

Ask & Tell-All With Sarah Clayton

Q: What was your first modeling job? 

A: Modeling jackets for a local company not too far from me. The photographer was someone I happened to have a mutual friend with, and he has since become a really great friend of myself and my husband. It’s my longest relationship in this career and he’s just as sweet and charismatic as he was 10 years ago!

Q: How did you get into nude photography?  

A: My husband was subscriber of Playboy, he would tell me how awesome it would be to see me in there. Then once he came across a listing of casting calls they were having all over the country…. One of them being in Philadelphia, just a couple hours away! We took the day off, I attended, and that was my very first time ever modeling nude! I sort of jumped right into the deep end!

sarah clayton ask me anything

Q: Modeling (especially nude) must require a lot of confidence! What are some tips you use to keep up your confidence for a shoot?  

A: I really try to watch what I’m eating for the most part. (Please do not take this as a signal that I do not eat. Quite the contrary!) Fortunately, I love vegetables, so they’re a mainstay at every meal. I try to eat grass-fed meat as often as I can afford, and really stay away from processed foods. Otherwise, I try to do weight training and yoga throughout the week. Other than that, it’s all about positioning! (That alone takes a while to figure out!). Being confident, for me, is showing up knowing that I am physically looking as well as I can, and also feeling good. 

sarah clayton modeling in a fieldQ: What’s the wildest thing you’ve done for a photo shoot?

A: I honestly can’t really think anything that outlandish. For some reason the ones that really stick out are the ones where I was freezing, either in snow or a waterfall; or somewhere really dirty like an abandoned school filled with bird poop, or high in the rafters of an old barn.

Oh! Then there’s the few times I’ve almost been caught nude out in public! They are always abandoned places, but sometimes there just happens to be a hiking path nearby…. Whoops! 

Q: We know you have a great deal of followers from the Lifestyle community. How did you get started with them?

A: My husband and I vacationed to a topless resort in Mexico, Temptation. We eventually became friends with the entertainment manager, who suggested we would be suited for a new resort the company was opening up, Desire Pearl. (The Desire resorts and Temptation are both owned by Original Resorts.) This was 7 years ago when the property was first opened, and we loved the idea of being able to be nude vs topless! We have made wonderful relationships and lifelong friends with the staff and management at both Desire Resorts, as well as several of the guests that we have continued to see trip after trip!

Q: So is this how you got involved with Desire Resorts? 

We started working with them 7 years ago, and it’s been a wonderful relationship since! I’ve done marketing for them on social media and have recently started doing Live broadcast sessions on Desire Facebook Page, answering questions about the resort for those who are curious about it. I’ve also originated and admin a secret Facebook Group for women-only who have either been to, or are curious about Desire, called “Ladies Love Desire.”

Q: Do you partake in the Lifestyle yourself? If so, any tips for people exploring?  

I’ll leave the first part of the question up to the imagination, it would be unfair of me to respond for both of us. The couples that I see with the most success in the lifestyle are always communicating with each other, and consistently put their relationship and their partner’s feelings first. 

sarah clayton lingerie photoQ: What is your favorite place you’ve been on vacation and why?  

A: Mexico! The Mexican hospitality is bar-none and cannot be beat. No matter what resort we have stayed at, the service was impeccable, and the atmosphere has always been very welcoming.

Q: What is your idea of a romantic gesture?

A: Honestly, I love when my husband anticipates my need for something, even before I realize I need it. That just speaks volumes to me about how in tune he is with me. No dinner or gift could ever top that.

Q: What do you love about Enclosed? 

A: The presentation! Not only is it luxurious to receive a well-made, beautiful designer lingerie item, but the deep purple box with wax seal and rose petals just takes it to the next level! 

Editor’s note: You can also sign-up to win a box of lingerie for compliments of Sarah Clayton. Sign up to win free lingerie . . . 

Q: What’s your guilty pleasure? Or do you have more than one?

A: Really dark chocolate! I’m snacking on some 85% right now!

And watching shows on apps on my phone. I’m constantly walking around the house watching shows on my phone!

Q: You said anything. Us ladies want to know: wax, shave, laser or what combination thereof? 

A: Groupon lead me to do lasering of the lady parts with a deal I couldn’t walk away from! (It’s really working well!)

Otherwise everything is shaved.

Q: Your fans come from all over the globe and are quite diverse. What percent are men vs. women vs. couples? And how are they different? 

A: I believe most fans are men, followed by couples (!) then women. I am the most flattered by the couples that are fans and that follow me, because I feel I can identify with them closely. My husband and I are always showing each other amazing women on our social media platforms, etc. 

Q: What are your favorite podcasts to listen to? 

A: Oh boy. Ready?
Some Lifestyle Podcasts:

Room 77 – Couple together 16 yrs. Really funny, really loose, and they are crazy for each other.

Swinger Diaries -High school sweethearts! Married 20+ yrs. I love their forum because they pose questions at  end of each episode that are answered by them and their listeners on the next episode! They’re really well organized, too. They have different “Books” which are 35 episodes each.

Normalizing Non-monogamy -I met this couple at Desire, we just happened to be sitting next to them at the pool! They are really cute, really sweet, and their podcast interviews a ton of different perspectives in the LS.

Some Non-Lifestyle Podcasts:

Stuff You Should Know– This is by far my favorite podcast. I’ll drop everything else I’m listening to whenever their feed is updated. It’s one of the original pioneer podcasts, and they cover everything.

HappyFace– This is a sad one, but it’s about the daughter of the Happy Face Killer, a serial killer that was active in the 90s – and his effect on her life, as well as her mother’s life.

Family Secrets– Dani Shapiro is an author who on a whim, did an online DNA profile and was stunned to learn her father was not her biological father. She interviews many other adults who had learned that their identities were not what they were raised to think. It’s fascinating! 

Q: We know your husband is a photographer – responsible for many of the amazing images of you – what’s his favorite photo of you? 

A: This photo was a light test while I was helping him with a photoshoot, I was just standing in place helping him get the lighting right! We had just celebrated out 10-year anniversary a month or two prior. He had this made into a large metal print that he has hanging in our office, and this is also his lock screen on his phone 🙂

sarah clayton candidQ: How long have you been married? What are some things you and your husband do to keep things fun and interesting? 

A: 12 years!! The time has flown. We love to take a day or two and go into NYC in the middle of the week, late in the summer. We will walk for hours, put on 15 miles a day and just explore. He will take awesome photos that I drool over and that I beg to have made into art for our home. We also take time to just do little dates every week. $5 movie night is my favorite!

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do on date night? 

A: If it’s a big date night, I dress up really sexy, super high heels, short skirt, the whole 9! Then we go out to a late dinner and soak each other up. Usually he will then try to find the recipe of a mixed drink that I fell in love with so that he can make it for me at home. He’s become quite the home bartender!

Q: Why is Iggy (your dog) named Iggy?

A: He is now 13 and when he became our pup we were huge Sixers fans. Andre Igoudala (2015 NBA Finals MVP with Golden State) was in his sophomore year in the league in 2005 and was a star player for the Sixers. His nickname with some of his teammates was “Iggy” and we thought that sounded like a really cute name for a really cute puppy! 

sarah clayton dog loverQ: Thongs vs. gstrings vs. cheeky boyshorts. Go.

A: Thongs all the time when wearing pants outside of home. But I wear boyshorts a lot around the house during the summer because they’re so comfy! 

About Sarah Clayton

Sarah Clayton is a professional model based out of northeastern PA. Her work has been featured in Playboy, Maxim, Men’s Health, QVC and various other magazines, clothing, and advertisement companies. Sarah Clayton is not only a stupendous model, but also a long-time customer and lover of [ENCLOSED]’s unforgettable monthly lingerie gifts.

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Ask her anything! (Well, within reason.) Ask away, and we’ll get the answers from the unforgettable Sarah Clatyon . . .

AMA with Normalizing Non-Monogamy Podcast Hosts, Emma & Fin

By the time you read this AMA (As Me Anything), Emma & Fin have interviewed 64+ non-monogamous couples who tell their stories of swinging, polyamory, and non-monogamy in all it’s ups and downs. Their podcast Normalizing Non-Monogamy not only provides a learning experience, but some much needed comedic relief as well. With all the interviews they have done we thought it only right to flip the script and interview the masterminds themselves! So without further ado . . . 

normalizing non-monogamy podcast on swinging the lifestyle and polyamory

Q: First things first, how did the two of you meet? And how long have you been married?

Emma: We originally met in seventh grade where my family moved to the same town where Fin grew up. We were best friends in high school and started dating in college (although we secretly had crushes on each other in high school). We’ve been married seven years this summer.

Fin: In 7th grade Emma moved to the town where I lived. We met in advanced algebra (not to brag) and from that point on she was basically infatuated with me even though it took her a few years to realize it. Over the next 4-5 years we became best friends and ended up going to the same university for engineering and started dating part way through our first year. We got married a few years after we graduated and have been married seven years this summer.

Q: How did you start your non-monogamous journey, or how did you know it was right for you?

Emma & Fin: During our second year of university we both decided to study abroad. Even though we both chose Australia, early on we felt it was important to make decisions for ourselves and so we chose our schools independently. Luckily, we chose the same school which turned out to be amazing since we got to travel together.

Neither of us had a ton of dating or sexual experience outside of each other and one other relationship. We felt like that was something we should both be able to explore since we were so young, but neither of us really wanted to break up since we were happy together and loved having adventures together. Fin did some research and found that there was a [swinger, lifestyle or non monogamous] house party about an hour from where we lived and we decided to go. It was supposed to just be a meet and greet but it was basically an orgy between a ton of people who already knew each other. We hung out downstairs with the three other new couples and chatted. We walked around a bit to see what it was all about and had a little fun together but it was mostly an experience of just seeing what it [a swing party] was like.

Q: Would you consider yourselves Swingers? Or how do you best identify?

Emma: We identify as being in an open relationship or ethically non-monogamous. In practice, this mostly looks like traditional swinging for us at the moment, but we are open to other experiences as well. We are open to all kinds of relationship styles in the future and want to continue to meet and have amazing people be part of our lives.

Fin: We did for years because we didn’t really have a better way to describe what we were doing. A lot of people in the swinging world are afraid to use the word “poly” which isn’t the case for us, it just didn’t fit as a label on what we were doing. More recently we’ve decided a more fitting term is just to say we’re “open.” Basically, we’re open to whatever comes our way. We aren’t looking for anything specific other than awesome friends who are open-minded. If that turns into something more it’s fine with us but we haven’t set it as a goal.

Q: Are there any misconceptions about Swinging you want to clear up?

Emma: The majority of people we have met who are in a non-monogamous relationship are in it to enhance their relationship, not take away from it. They want to share these experiences with their partner and make their bond stronger while meeting and having experiences with other people. It sounds a little crazy but sharing your partner can make the connection between you two even deeper.

Fin: That all we do is have sex all day long with everyone we meet. It’s really only about half the day with 30% of the people. [This is a joke, people!]

Q: How has non-monogamy helped your marriage? Are there benefits you experience that you think you wouldn’t have if you were monogamous?

Emma: Being non-monogamous from very early on in our relationship has allowed us to communicate about everything from the beginning. Nothing is off the table and I believe this is a huge benefit to our relationship. We also have many amazing friends that I know we wouldn’t have if we were monogamous. We love meeting like-minded people and feel so comfortable with these friends.

Fin: It’s cliche but true… We can talk about everything and anything. It’s not always easy, but we can have conversations that a lot people can’t even fathom. We’ve also seen some wild and crazy shit so it’s kind of a fun joke between us when people we meet are like “I have a crazy story to tell you…” and then it’s really not crazy compared to some of the stuff we’ve seen. It’s always been this secret between us that we can laugh about to each other.

Q: We all know relationships are not always rainbows and butterflies, has there ever been a time where you thought non-monogamy was a mistake? how did you get through it?

Emma: I never thought non-monogamy was a mistake. There have been times in our lives that we have closed off our relationship and taken a break, mostly because something else is going on that was the priority. It has not always been easy, but both of us feel like our lives would not be complete if we were monogamous and neither of us wants that for the other person. So if we have to close off our relationship for a bit that’s ok, but we always circle back and figure out how to open it up again when the time is right.

Fin: I don’t think there has been a time where we thought it [swinging/ the open relationship] was a mistake. For us, it’s never been our entire life and so if life gets crazy we just put it on the backburner. We’ve gone months or years at a time without doing anything in the non-monogamy space. When life settles down, we ramp it back up. For us, it’s been important to keep it fluid and let it come and go as needed. We aren’t always on the same page in terms of interest level at any given time but that’s natural just like as in any aspect of life.


Emma (left) and Fin (right) prefer to remain anonymous.

Q: It’s amazing that the two of you have such a long history with each other through this journey, but do you have any advice for those who may be exploring non-monogamy on their own?

Emma: Be patient. Non-monogamy will not work if only one person in a couple wants to do it. It can take lots of conversations and education (books, podcasts, talking to like minded people, etc.) to be on the same page as your partner. Don’t be afraid to have those conversations and be patient.

Fin: I think there is still a lot of slut-shaming around people who are exploring non-monogamy. I think it’s probably even more prevalent if you’re doing it by yourself and people just assume your goal is to have as much sex as you can (which is a valid goal by the way). It’s important to remember there is an ethical way to do it and there are a lot of people who probably won’t get it, but as long as you’re doing it in a respectful way, there’s nothing wrong with it. On the flip-side, there are some amazingly supportive [swinger, poly and/or non-monogamous] communities out there and when you find them it can change your life. Don’t let it get you down if it takes a while to find your groove and don’t be afraid to change grooves and explore new ones.

Q: What inspired you to start the podcast – was there an ‘AHA’ moment?

Emma & Fin: There are too many reasons to list and this answer could get super long so we will keep it brief. We love helping people, meeting people, and hearing their life stories. We also knew that many of the things we learned over our 10+ years exploring non-monogamy came from conversations with other people. We’d pick up tidbits from everyone we met and we figured if we could share as many stories as possible that we could help expedite the learning process for others who are on the same journey. We’d also love to see non-monogamy become more mainstream. We realize it’s not for everyone but we would safely bet that there isn’t a single person who doesn’t have a friend or two who has explored it in some fashion, whether they know it or not. It’s far more common than people think and we’re on a mission to prove it. We also love destroying stereotypes and giving a voice to people who don’t have a platform. The more stories we can tell, the more people we can help!

Q: What is one of the most surprising or shocking things you’ve discovered since starting your podcast?

Emma: There are so many incredible people out there in non-monogamous relationships! We always knew this, but it has been reinforced as we have met and had conversations with people. We feel like we have a responsibility to get anyone’s story out there that wants to share it.

Fin: Probably people’s willingness and eagerness to share their stories. We hoped it would be the case when we started but we didn’t know for sure. Within a few weeks of starting the show we already had people reaching out to share their stories. It’s been amazing and we have met some incredible friends.

Q: You just recently released episode 61 – wow! How has the response been so far?

Emma & Fin: Meh. It’s been alright. 🙂 It’s really been one of the most amazing things we’ve ever done. The people who have reached out to help us or share their stories, whether it’s on the podcast or behind the scenes in an email, have been incredible. It’s rare when you have a vision and it goes better than you could have ever dreamed.

Q: We know it’s like asking you to choose between your children, but do you have a favorite interview or episode you’ve done?

Emma: All of them have been incredible, however, I distinctly remember that after we finished the interview with Christopher Smith (episode 48), I looked at Fin and said “I just want to shout this from the mountains”. We are both inspired by everyone we talk to and can’t wait to share the stories with as many people as we can. We feel like there is so much for everyone to learn by listening to all these stories from a relationship aspect in general, whether you’re monogamous or non-monogamous.

Fin: I do love them all and I don’t want to discourage anyone from reaching out. I will say that I love any story that helps destroy a stereotype or preconceived idea. Those are the ones that force people to stop and think for a second rather than just nodding along. We have a few where people have gotten into non-monogamy because of an affair. To me, it’s amazing when a couple can harness what most people consider a relationship ending offense and turn it into a positive.

Q: How do you balance marriage and a podcast together?

Emma: We do the podcast together and it has been an amazing journey. I do not feel like the podcast has taken anything away from our marriage, instead it has enhanced it. We’re learning how to work together on a big project that we both care a lot about. It’s been a fun adventure!

Fin: It has really made our relationship stronger. We get to sit down together a few times per week and have amazing conversations with open-minded people who open our minds further and push our boundaries…

Q: You have been together quite some time, what are some ways you keep the spark?

Emma: Adventure. We view life as one big adventure and non-monogamy is a part of it. We both have a deep love for each other but also sharing and having experiences with other people adds to our relationship and keeps us closer than I think we would be otherwise.

Fin: Push your partner outside of their comfort zone in all aspects of life. That’s where the growth and sparks happen.

Q:We have to ask, what do you wear when getting frisky? What are some of your favorite things to wear (or see another person wear) to spice it up?

Emma: My favorite thing to wear when getting frisky is sexy underwear – usually some sort of lacey boyshorts or thong which I know Fin likes. It’s also fun to get more dressed up  with additional lingerie to spice it up (some of my favorites are fishnet stockings and heels). On a guy I love seeing a sexy pair of boxer briefs and a form fitting T-shirt.

Fin: Definitely merino wool socks. I don’t like it when my feet are cold. Usually brown so they aren’t obnoxious. I’ll also usually wear a pair of nice boxer briefs to draw their eyes off my socks. What’s sexy to see a lady wear? For me, I am a fan of anything form fitting and probably solid-ish colors. I am a pretty boring person when it comes to these things but I like the person to be comfortable and feel sexy. I’m also not that picky if a woman decides she wants to be in her underwear around me, I usually don’t complain.

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