Sexy Lace Underwear By Subscription

You want to give her a quality present that is beautiful and indulges her high tastes. With [ENCLOSED] you can give her a taste of luxe by presenting her with gorgeous lace underwear sourced from the finest brands from France, Italy, the UK, as well as leading American designers. All our lace underwear are made of the finest materials—lace from Calais, France, silk from China—and while we consider these “date night” or special occasion lace underwear, the lace underwear are always comfortable and flattering.

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Lace Underwear: The New Little Black Dress

Like a little black dress, lace underwear is versatile: lace is virtually invisible under most fabrics and will match with almost any of her lace bras. She can dress her lace underwear however she’d like and the lace underwear will still look exceptional (after all, she looks exceptional in most things, right?). Delicate, chic, sexy but tasteful, our lace underwear comes in a variety of styles from across the globe. [ENCLOSED] loves its lace underwear, so put in a request for some and we’ll try our best to send some lace underwear your way.

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The Lace G-String Underwear

The lace g-string gets a bad rap as it is so often poorly executed, but when fine lace and expert craftsmanship are combined, lace g-string underwear can be a thing of beauty, comfort and class. The tiniest of our lace underwear family, the lace g-string underwear consists of literally a string across the hips and between the cheeks with a relatively small triangle front.

Our Pick For Lace G-String Underwear: Amuse Bouche

The tiniest of our lace underwear, our lace g-string covers just enough. With exquisite lace detail work, this oh so tiny underwear is oh so decadent. (Shown here on the left.)

gilded lace sexy underwear

The Lace Thong Underwear

The defining feature of a lace thong is that it reveals most of the bum. But like ice cream, there are hundreds of delicious variations; the lace underwear sides can be almost as thin as the g-string, to several inches in width. Thong underwear can be lacy or smooth, high or low-waisted. And don’t let the mass-marketers fool you, lace thongs are not just for skinny girls. Many babies with back actually prefer the lace thong.

Our Pick for Thongs: Coco Twist

Though small, this lace number has beautiful edges that cover just enough. Made of the finest lace decorated with flowers, this pair of underwear will make her blossom. (Shown here on the right.)

lace thong sheer underwear front

The Lace Tanga Underwear

The defining features of the lace tanga underwear are wider side panels across the hips and a love of cheek. This cut has a full front but with a legline cut above the bum. (We are loath to write it, but the dreaded “booty short” falls in this category. We just think the words tanga and girlshort are more tasteful.) While not completely exposing the backside, lace girl shorts and tangas do allow some, shall we say, viewing pleasure. When this style is partnered with lace, the lace tanga underwear becomes an irresistible look.

Our Pick For Lace Tangas: Double Dutch Cake

This seductive lace pair features ties in the front and a cheeky backside. Playful, yet so adult. (Shown here on the left.)

lace double tie underwear tanga boy

The Lace Boyshort Underwear

Boyshorts are like cake–good, even for breakfast. Modest fronts give way to fuller lace sides while the back is largely, but not completely covered. Lace boyshort underwear are comfy and casual, yet the lace makes them sexy, too.

Our Pick for Lace Boyshort Underwear: Gilded Ganache

Just as a ganache spreads ever-so-finely across the cake, so these lace underwear flutter in the most alluring way. Perfect for the woman who adores lace luxury. (Shown here on the right.)

gold boyshort underwear sexy

The Lace Bikini Underwear

The term bikini was coined in 1946 by Louis Réard who named the swimsuit after Bikini Atoll where testing on the atomic bomb took place. Boom. Lace bikinis (sometimes called briefs) provide coverage–always the bum, and to some degree, the sides and the tummy. When bikinis are made in lace, there is just enough skin to peek through.

Our Pick For Lace Bikini Underwear: Licorice Lolly

This lace bikini is structured and sophisticated with lace coverage in the back. This underwear is elegant and classic in design, yet always sexy given the lace. (Shown here on the left.)

lolly tanga bikini lace underwear