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Lingerie as a Birthday Present 

Ready for something a little different for this birthday present? Give her a present of birthday lingerie; have 1, 3, 6 or even a year of gorgeous panties delivered right to her doorstep. Our lingerie is sourced from the finest designers. 

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A Birthday Lingerie Present Worthy of The Event

When you give our Lingerie Birthday Present Package—whether it is for one month or twelve—you give the most memorable lingerie present of the year. We choose from a range of luxurious, elegant panties. You’ll be able to select the birthday lingerie style that you want to send her, as well as indicate her size. We even include a custom note to your lucky lady. A book is nice, flowers are lovely, but getting birthday present lingerie is unforgettable.

Designing Your Birthday Lingerie Present

Tell us the date of her birthday and your first [ENCLOSED] present box will arrive as a birthday present with the lingerie surrounded by multi-colored confetti-like real flower petals. If you want the present to be a total surprise, we can send the [ENCLOSED] present box directly to the birthday girl. If you want to surprise her in person, we’ll send the first month directly to you.

Lingerie: The Ideal Birthday Present for Her

Unlike a piece of jewelry which is worn every day, birthday lingerie is worn on a special occasion and is such a treat. Lingerie is as much a present to the recipient as it is to the giver---it’s something that you can enjoy with her, a symbol of the intimacy of your relationship and in that way, perhaps the most romantic present for her birthday.

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Shipping Your Lingerie Birthday Present

If you are concerned that your order might not make it in time for her birthday, we have an array of shipping options to meet your needs. From USPS First Class to FedEx Overnight, we do our utmost to ensure that your lingerie birthday present arrives in a timely fashion. You can learn more about our shipping policies here:

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Lingerie: The Most Romantic of Birthday Presents

Lingerie can be hard to choose– but when done right, it’s one of the most intimate birthday presents in the world. Your present will show her just how beautiful you really think she is.

Looking to get inspired? Browse our birthday notes page for some great love note ideas!

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