Giving a Lingerie Gift in The Bay Area

We select the highest quality panties from around the globe and bring them back to The Bay Area to give to you. [ENCLOSED] is an of the month subscription that sends high-quality, tasteful yet sexy panties for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. While we do not have a physical store, we do deliver throughout San Francisco, Marin, Oakland and the Peninsula (and the Bay Area and the whole of the United States and Canada for that matter). But our deliveries in San Francisco can be completed overnight.

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Luxury Lingerie On Your Bay Area Doorstep

To show our love for you, our wonderful Bay Area friends, we’re proposing a solution to a dull underwear drawer: delight her (or yourself!) with [ENCLOSED] and have a pair of luxury knickers on your doorstep in just 24 hours.

How Enclosed For The Bay Area Works

We guide you through a few simple questions to capture your preferences and requests. Then, our lingerie connoisseurs located right here in the Bay Area will use your specifications to customize your order. Since we’re in The Bay Area we’ll be able to get it to you within 24 hours. We’re like the Bay Area lingerie store that comes to you!

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The Lingerie Shop That Comes To You

With [ENCLOSED], you avoid having to go to back forth to a Bay Area city lingerie shop whenever you want her to have a new beautiful pair of panties. We also have more inventory than a lingerie shop.

Custom Lingerie Month After Month

Give a multi-month subscription from us and month after month, she’ll receive a uniquely packaged pair of luxury knickers on your doorstep. It’s always new and exciting and if you’re in The Bay Area, we come to you.

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Bay Area Quick Gift Delivery

Maybe you need a gift for a birthday, an anniversary that’s crept up on you and is coming too soon. If your recipient is lucky enough to be nearby [ENCLOSED] in The Bay Area, we can deliver it to her in one day. Better than sending flowers from a Bay Area florist, or an Edible Arrangement (groan). Our lingerie comes wrapped in real flower petals and [ENCLOSED] within a hard-sided keepsake box, ready to give or keep.

Rest Assured That She'll Love Your Gift

Simply select [BUY NOW] and fill out your recipient’s preferences and sizes and we’ll do the rest of the work for you. We can either deliver it to her (if she’s in The Bay Area) or to you (if you’re in The Bay Area) to give to her in person in just 24 hours. Send [ENCLOSED] to your wife or to your friend. Sit back and enjoy as she delights in ultra-lux lingerie delivered to her real flower petals. (Of course you can give [ENCLOSED] to yourself!)

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Don't Believe Us? Listen To The Locals!

I love their stuff because it’s not too precious, and not trashy. It’s the perfect balance of stylish and sexy. Packaging is delightful to open. Great gift.
-Lauren B., San Francisco, CA

My wife loved the surprise that she received in the mail, she even loved the packaging that it came in. Top notch experience from the site design to the package opening! Thank you.
-Oleg, San Francisco, CA

Wow. Just blown away by the product, the packaging and the experience all together. The fit of the panties was spot on. Since I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to picking the size of a woman’s undergarments, I was overwhelmed. But seeing them on her, I was elated with the way they fit. Not that the purchase was solely for me, but she loves them enough not to want them regularly for fear of wearing them out. She’s pumped. I’m pumped that she’s pumped. I think you have a great product/sub service here. Women who have a little bit more income can treat themselves on an regular basis, and the rest of us can spoil our SOs with a gift that can last for a long time.
-Sean, San Francisco, CA

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