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Advent: Commence the Christmas Celebrations

[ENCLOSED] is all about giving—giving joy, giving luxury, giving love. This year, we’re reviving 19th century German tradition of the Advent Calendar by giving you the opportunity to impress your wife (or ladyfriend) with the best present there is. Every night for the twenty-four nights leading up to Christmas she’ll get a new pair of beautiful, wrapped knickers. Panties, the Perfect Christmas Season Advent Gift. Or as the Daily Mail says, “Anyone hoping to make a romantic gesture this Christmas might want to opt for the [ENCLOSED] 12 Days of Christmas Present, which includes a different pair of lacy panties for every day of Christmas.”

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Celebrate The Holidays All Month Long

The holidays are the best time of the year, so why only celebrate for one day? Choose our Holiday Advent Present and every night for the twenty-four nights leading up to Christmas, give her a new pair of luxury, festive knickers.

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How Our Holiday Advent Present Works

For $1,000 (or $41.66 a pair), plus free shipping, we will create a special twenty-four pair present for you to keep the fun going this holiday season. When you give [ENCLOSED], you will complete a survey about her specific preferences in style, cut and size. You can make a special request for a specific pair or let the Knicker Ladies act as Santa’s elves and choose for you based on your preferences. And yes, your package comes with a personalized note. Or the elves can help you write that as well.

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The Holiday Knickers

Our featured holiday lingerie run from poinsettia red to snowy white, while our styles run from a modest bikini to a tiny g-string. We focus on fun, festive colors for the season, but you can make special requests. For instance, if your wife loves pink, just tell us! All of these options feature fabric with more than a hint of stretch, allowing them to be comfortable for hours of celebration and fun and offering an ultra-flat finish.

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No More Gift-Wrapping

When you order, [ENCLOSED] we will send you twelve individually wrapped custom keepsake boxes each with a different pair of holiday knickers nestled into a bed of real freeze-dried flower petals. No need to worry about wrapping gifts this year!

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The beauty of this gift is, for months after you’ll be enjoying and recalling the fun of this unique gift. Is it your first holiday with her? Surprise her with this romantic idea. What better treat for each chilly night of December than a pair of fun, festive panties? Celebrate each day with a pair of delightful panties and make [ENCLOSED] your newest holiday tradition!

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