Sexy Accessories

Whether you are searching for some jewelry to adorn your girlfriend or a couple “just looking” for something naughty for date night, [ENCLOSED] will introduce you to unmatched quality lingerie and accessories.

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A Sampling Of Our Accessories

    • bunny tail and ears maison close
    • bunny tail and ears maison close
    Rabbit Ears & Bunny Tail

    A sultry bunny mask pairs with a fluffy tail in this playful set of accessories.  The matching feather pompom is attached to the back of the bunny tail so it can attach to any garment.

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    • feather handcuffs sexy accessory
    • feather handcuffs sexy accessory
    Frisky Feather Handcuffs

    Playful feathers encircle her wrists & are held together by a delicate gold chain. Inspired by french seduction, these handcuffs will add softness and mischief to your most indecent games.

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    • black bead harness accessory
    • jet black pearl chain harness
    Black Bottle Whisky Harness

    Jet black beads encircle her neck, then drop down to loop her waist with an attached tassel. The sparkling black pearls can be added to any vanilla or erotic outfit.

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    • kitty headband sexy accessory
    • headband lingerie accessory
    Kitty Kat Headband

    A playful accessory that can be worn to a party or a more intimate gathering. Timeless black lace on a soft-touch headband will make you purr.Our kitty headband comes in one-size suitable to be worn by anyone. Meow.

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    • black tie cuff accessory
    Bind Me Up Blindfold

    Secure the satin blindfold over your lover’s eyes to heighten all your other senses. Inspired by famous scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey, this lavish blindfolded is crafted from satin and features secure satin ties that effectively prevent any peeking.

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    • pearl body chain gift
    • pearl body chain gift
    Pearl Body Chain

    Over the top in sensuality and elegance, our pearl body strands will highlight the curves of her body. After all, doesn’t she deserve to be draped in the finest of jewelry? Made of real pearls. Designed to be worn over the shoulders either running down the back or between the breasts.

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