For The Love Of Giving

I've loved lingerie for as long as I can remember. I love the secret of knowing that no matter how you are dressed—in yoga pants or couture—you look stupendous underneath. When I’m blue, superb lingerie is the decadent, small delight that make my inner insecure girl smile. But even more than lingerie, I love the feeling you get when you give a gift that you know the recipient loves.

Gifts Better Than Flowers

Lingerie is the perfect, simple, indulgent gift to give to any woman for any occasion from an anniversary to a break-up. Lingerie offers the femininity, delicacy and beauty of flowers without the wilting. I gave my sister 30 different pairs of panties for her 30th birthday, each pair corresponding to a year of her life. My ex-boyfriend’s wife got bridal knickers her wedding. Every Christmas my mother gets new colorful bikinis from Santa Claus.

The Challenge of Giving Lingerie

In the past, giving lingerie that would both delight the woman and actually fit her, was challenging. The gents have an utterly-understandable reluctance to walk into frilly pink underwear boutiques. Moreover, the gift-giver wants to give something that balances tantalizing with tastefulness so she feels sensual, not trashy.

My Vision

The point of [ENCLOSED] isn't the rose-petal packaging or even the high end lingerie. [ENCLOSED] is about creating and deepening connection between two people. The reason people renew with us month after month, year after year is the way [ENCLOSED] makes them feel. Whether you are a man who wants to show his wife of nine years that she is still the most beautiful woman in the world, a lesbian buying something special for her fiancé or a friend looking for a memorable birthday present, we give you a simple way to delight the woman in your life. Decadent—and fit always 100% guaranteed—we provide gifts that are sensual, intimate and unforgettable.

Giving Love

I launched [ENCLOSED] to enable men and women to find the most decadent, feminine, thoughtful gifts imaginable. Ultimately, [ENCLOSED] is all about giving unexpected luxury, unadulterated joy and the feeling of being loved and treasured.

With best knicker wishes,

Antonia Townsend

Founder & Chief Knicker Officer


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