9th anniversary fun gift year-long

Her 9th Anniversary Year-Long Gift

great anniversary gift testimonialWhen you give her [ENCLOSED] for your 9th anniversary we choose from a range of luxurious, elegant panties, yet we make the first month especially nice to mark your anniversary. It’s the perfect gift to celebrate your time together that can show her how much you love her year-long. It’s luxurious and impressive, but reminds her how wonderful you really think she is year-long. It’s a romantic commitment and a fun promise that your upcoming months (and year-long days!) will be fun-filled and enjoyable together.

How gifting [Enclosed] for your 9th Anniversary Year-Long Gift Works

perfect anniversary gift customer testimonial
[ENCLOSED] is an of-the-month luxury lingerie subscription service that can last year-long. Each month, she’ll receive a beautiful, fun pair of panties selected by our lingerie concierge. The panties will be a year-long reminder of your commitment to her and of the romantic feelings you have for her. The year-long subscription is special and gorgeous and the fits will keep coming for as many months as you like (or even year-long, if you choose.)

What Our Customers Say

Unfortunately my wife can’t help but to open MY mail, however she just called me so excited about her Anniversary gift. She said the knickers are beautiful and that the presentation was elegant. She is looking forward to the next two pair (and so am I!).

-Joseph P., New York, New York

12 boxes of lingerie for 9th anniversary year-long You’ll be able to select the panty style that you want to send her, as well as indicate her size. Need a little help with customizing your 9th anniversary gift? Check out our guide to panty sizes or our crib sheet on panty cuts. If you have any other special requests—perhaps you know that she adores lace—just let us know and we’ll further customize her 9th anniversary gift to suit.

We Take Care of the 9th Anniversary Details for Year-Long Enjoyment

box lingerie with flower petalsWith [ENCLOSED], tell us the date of your 9th anniversary and we’ll make sure it gets there in time.* You can order when you have a spare second and rest-assured that it’ll arrive so that you can give it to her over the anniversary dinner where you celebrate your 9 years together. Your first box arrives with a personalized card from you. (But don't worry, we have help for writing the card in our Personalization Quiz.)

* Running late? We can ship overnight!

Enclosed has Year-Long Enjoyment Covered for your 9th Anniversary

woman pink black lingerie year-long Every month of [ENCLOSED] comes packaged in out classic hard-sided keepsake box that features a color-matched grosgrain ribbon. Upon opening the box she will find a bed of eco-friendly freeze-dried flower petals. These flowers are harvested directly from the fields then freeze-dried to preserve the color, shape and size of the flowers. Finally, within the petals is an organza bag that contains the panties themselves. Our gift packing is romantic and beautiful.

As both the panties and the flowers are different every month, the gift is a year-long surprise over and over again. The beauty of getting a new package every month is that just when you start to forget about the last one . . . surprise! a new box arrives.

9th Anniversary Year-Long Gift In Wedding Colors

Give Enclosedhappy 9th anniversary note year-long
Want to do something special for your 9th anniversary gift? Put in a special request to have the panties in your wedding colors. She’ll be so happy you invested that much thought into the year-long gift and panties in the wedding colors will remind her of your special day.

9th Anniversary Note Ideas

Buy Nownote to wife with flower petals year-long Some examples of the sweet notes our customers have written to their wives and girlfriends. (Names withheld for privacy.)

Happy 9th anniversary, baby! I love you so much and I look forward to many more happy anniversaries to come. I hope these tickle your fancy 😉

Just a sexy item to go well with our 9th anniversary date. I love you soooo much and cannot wait to see you in these.

Happy 9th Anniversary Babe! You are the best wife a guy could ask for and I'm truly lucky to be your husband. I'm looking forward to many months and years to come. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Happy 9th Anniversary My Love, I love you more than words can ever say and I am the luckiest man alive for having you:) I love you always and forever my love, my life and my wife.

Happy 9th anniversary baby cakes! Wanted to get you a little something... Can't wait to see them in person. I love you!

I love you. I have loved you for 9 long years and will love you for many more. Happy 9th Anniversary. I love you and hope this helps you remember it.