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Three Months of Panty Gifts

Don't just give her a present. Give her luxury. Give her something unexpected. Surprise her with the gift of panties. The [ENCLOSED] Season of Luxe Package offers a different, memorable pair of high-end panties every month for three months.
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A Surprise Gift Of Love

With [ENCLOSED] she gets three posh panties made of the finest lace, real silk and other materials that were selected for their beauty and comfort sourced from the finest manufactures in France, Italy, the UK and a few select other locales. The panties arrive wrapped in bespoke packaging and surrounded by real flower petals.

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Three (Or More!) Surprises

We offer [ENCLOSED] in one, three, six and twelve month packages. Whichever you choose, she’ll receive a different pair of panties that are custom selected per your specifications. We guide you through a series of questions that ensure we know enough about her to get the gift right while maintaining the quality of surprise.

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How To Gift [ENCLOSED]

To get started, you go to Buy Now, where we guide you through the steps of customizing her luxury gift. Don’t worry, we'll help you through a few simple questions so that we can select the right panties for her. You can have the [ENCLOSED] box sent directly to you, to present the gift to her in person, or have it sent to her. Of course, there is no auto-renew or other unwanted surprises. Just good surprises.

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