A Sampling Of Our Divine Knickers

We invite you to peruse our beautiful designs below. Of course, if one strikes your fancy, be sure to request it during checkout and we’ll happily send it your way.
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Beautiful Bikinis

    • full moon front sheer black
    • black lace sheer moon panty
    Moon Cake*

    The moon rises in the finest of lace in these luxurious black bikinis. A whole new vision for an autumn harvest moon.

    • pink edged sheer basket-bikini-panty
    • pink edged sheer bikini panty
    Peach Basket*

    Sometimes fruit is so simple, so pure, and so perfect, that it needs no adornment. Just like a basket of peaches. Take a bite.

    • lolly tanga bikini lace black
    • lolly tanga bikini lace black
    Licorice Lolly

    Pop one of these on for a taste of simple, sultry South American style. Adjustable sides and kitten soft lace ride just-so on the hips.

    • bikini peachy front
    White Peach Pie *

    The finest white-peach lace on the front, and a triple keyhole back makes this high-quality bikini a timeless treat.

Bows, Garter, Ruffles & More

    • black purple garter thong
    • garter panties
    • black purple lace garter panties
    Deep Dish Berry Cake

    The deep purple-blues and blacks are quite delectable. Removable garters deepen the attraction. (Special request “Garters” if you like this style.)

    • side tie bikini panty sexy
    • side tie pink bikini panty sexy
    • side tie pink bikini panty feminine sexy
    Double Bow Pie

    The very best treats are the ones you can play with, and this bikini is just that. Tie it, untie it, it’s delightful either way. (Just special request a “Side Tie” if you like this style.)

    • purple lace bow thong
    Plum Pudding*

    Who ever heard of putting a bow on a pudding? We did. Deep purple color defines this ultra-high-quality knicker. (Just special request a “Bow On Back” if you like this style.)

    • ruffled black panty underwear
    Layer Cake

    These fluttering boyshorts have a super-flattering flare and layers of fun. We love sleeping in these coy numbers. (Request “Ruffles” if you like this style.)

Boy Oh Boy: Boyshorts!

    • extra large size fit panties
    Double Dutch Cake

    Naughty and nice. Nice and naughty. From the double lace-up thighs to the cheeky backside, whichever way you slice these knickers, they come out sweet.

    • floral lace panty underwear
    • floral lace panty underwear black
    • floral lace panty underwear
    Ripe Raspberry Pie

    Cheeky berries in pink or black make these divinely smooth boyshorts a tasty treat. The ultra-smooth finish is an added bonus.

    • sexy Cheeky Boyshort model
    Chocolate Sprinkles

    At first you think you are only getting the sprinkles. Then you realize there is a whole serving of delight. Nearly-sheer mesh from cheek to hip, these are more than a sprinkling of fun.

    • boy blue black underwear
    Fruity Blue Cobbler

    Layers of blue and black lace make this elegant boyshort a delightful January treat.

Tanga Treats

    • teal blue brazilian underwear
    • teal brazilian panty
    Teal Tart

    Ultra-luxe lace and appliqués on the front, smooth as smooth can be on the back.

    • sequins white tanga
    • sequins tanga sexy underwear
    Coconut Bon Bons

    Just like a coconut, all the sweets are inside. Twin straps meet a field of sequins, with a ruched, sheer back. Available in black and white.

    • tiny bugs on white sheer tanga
    • sexy feminine tiny bugs
    Ladybug Cupcakes*

    Tiny ladybugs dance about, with a white lace-up detail as their dance partner.

    • basket back cheeky bikini
    • pink black tanga bikini
    • black basket butt panties
    Strawberry Basket

    The lightest of strawberry pink is crossed by a black basket pattern for an unusually lovely look.

Thrilling Thongs

    • sexy balck stripe boy panties
    Silken Layer Cake

    Bands of silken black mesh alternate with solids for an utterly alluring knicker.

    • teal peach string bikini underwear
    Sugar Sours *

    The finest sugary lace is banded smooth, tart teal silk. This little candy is small, but intensely flavorful.

    • open hip black lace panty sexy
    • thong style panites
    • small size for panties
    Hot Hamantaschen

    Whimsy meets whip-smart with these saucy knickers. Triangular openings invite investigation.

    • blue black lace panty thong
    • blue black lace panty thong back
    • blue black lace panty thong
    Deep Blue Rugelach

    Asymmetrical hip opening, intricate designs in deep blues and black make this an ultra-elegant option.

Tiny G-String Treats

    • black lace dotted gstring sexy underear
    Licorice Drop

    This tiny old-time candy packs superb flavor. Is it a thong or a g-string? It’s so pretty and flirty, who cares?

    • grey g string gold
    • grey g-string gold back
    Pop Rocks

    Golden sequins go POP on a soft cottony micro-g. Sweet and wild, all at once.

    • gilded black lace sexy underwear
    • gilded black lace sexy
    Amuse Bouche*

    Back again by special request . . . Who knew something so tiny could be so over-the-top?

    • gold g string
    Golden Candy

    A tiny golden treat! Gold sequins dance across the front of this white g-string, while a triple band decorates the back.



Clandestine: Ultra-Sexy Panties

Sometimes you want to mix it up. As in shaken, not just stirred. For those times, we’ve selected a very few ultra-luxe pairs of, ahem, rather racy knickers . . .

clandestine sexy adult lingerie



* Select items only available on multi-month packages.

While we welcome special requests, please understand that we cannot guarantee that every style is available in every size.

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