Panties of the month lace

Every month we select from a range of luxurious, elegant panties sourced from around the world, featuring brands from France, Italy, the UK, as well as leading innovative American designers from the northern and southern hemispheres.  All our panties are made of the finest materials—lace from Calais, France, silk from China—and while we consider these “date night” or special occasion panties, they are always comfortable and flattering. 

We think of our panties as sweet treats—except without the calories! So go ahead—we won't tell—and take a peek at some of the knickers our lucky ladies receive. If you see something special you like, make sure to let us know in the comments section of your order.




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Ooooohhhhh Summer . . .

Sheer lace boyshort underwear

Peach Cotton Candy

These boyshorts taste of pure summer—just sweetness and air with the slimmest ribbon of peach around the hips. You might not even notice they are there. 

Sexy silk sheer underwear

Swirled Lollypop

All the flavors of summer swirled into a sheer knicker. Available as a bikini and a thong, both designed to sit loosely, allowing the summer air to slip in.

Lace sheer sexy underwear

Coconut Cream Pie

Intricate lace cut in the most flattering of styles. This delicacy comes in a boyshort, tanga and a thong. Who knew a coconut could have such style? 

Summer lace thong sexy underwear

Peach Melba

A summertime classic combining smooth peach with barely-there lace in a classic thong shape. Long live summer. 


Ruffles Row

Sexy ruffled thong underwear

A Side of Berries

Innocently sexy with side-tie bows. All silk, all pink, all girl. serious dessert. (And yes, the sides tie and untie.)

Only available for six-month and year-long subscriptions. 

Sexy ruffled boyshort underwear

Teal Hard Candy

You know those candies where you can’t actually nail-down the flavour, you just know they tickle your tongue? Well these ruffled knickers do just that. 

Sexy ruffled boyshort black underwear

Black Cherry Pop

Dark cherries epitomize the juicy fruits of summer. In that spirit, we offer a dark summertime treat replete with ruffles and bows. 

Sexy ruffled boyshort underwear

Ruffle Cake

These boyshorts are made of the finest pink or green silk, offering the highest level of quality. We find these are so pretty that we wear them traipsing about the house. 

Only available for six-month and year-long subscriptions. 


Knock Her Socks Off

Sheer ruffled bikini

Black & White Cookie

So simple. So perfect. Ruched ruffles play coy and cute in these gauze semi-sheer knickers. Modest and yet oh-so inviting. 

Sexy silk lace underwear

Swirled Sherbet In a Cone

Pink bands swirled with yellow-green fresh lace. A delightful summer treat you can serve with a knowing smile. 

Lace and sheer cotton thong

Confectioner’s Sugar

The finest cotton and lace in the sheerest of sheer fabrics. Utterly innocent, and yet . . . not. 

Lace yellow gstring


This g-string anticipates the warmth of the early summer sun ripening lemons on the tree. The tart citrus is balanced by sugar-sweet ivory lace. Just add ice and drink. 

Sexy silk sheer underwear

Whipped Lavender Glacé

As light as spring air. Utterly sheer, delightfully fine and unspeakably fun. Wear these loose on the hips for a decidedly sophisticated look. Available in both a thong and bikini. 

Sexy spring pink lace underwear

Ripe Raspberry Compote

Most berries err on the sweet side, but these challenge the taste buds. More edgy than sticky-sweet, these thongs and bikinis dance with lace, yet lay ultra-smooth on the hip. 

Silk and lace panty

Key Lime Pie

Utterly feminine and light as a feather, these knickers tread the fine line between bikini and tanga. Pure silk, sheer lace . . . interpret as you wish. 

Featured in June. No longer available. Prior months . . . 

Sexy spring blue lace underwear

Dessert Plate

Sweets served on your finest china. So pretty you almost don't want to eat it. Timeless yet utterly of-the-moment. What could be more delightful?


More Knickers! More Panties!

Sexy thong in red

Cherry Pie

Careful or you’ll burn yourself. Fiery red lace cut with elegant restraint complemented by a cool silk thong. (And it doesn’t have any calories, so eat up.)

Sexy garter panties

Crêpe o Chocolat

Light, sheer and smothered in polka dots, these knickers take full coverage in a whole new direction. Detachable garters and a ruched back add to the fun. Peek-a-boo, I see you . . . 

Sexy lace white undewear

Boysenberry Ice

This is not your run-of-the-mill pair of knickers. A fine spun pure white cheeky bikini is oh-so-elegantly laced with deep purple details. Ultra-elegant, and ultra-refined. 

Black sheer thong panty

Coquilles de Chocolat

Utterly refined and decidedly French, this thong offers rows of dark, sheer scalloped waves. In limited sizes, for a limited time, with unlimited possibilities. 

Sexy silk underwear in thong style

Coco Twist

The sheerest lace twists on the hips. So delicious you'll want to twist and shout (in a good way.)  

Only available on six-month and year-long packages.

Pink Valentine thong underwear

Cinnamon Hearts

Sweet and spicy all in one mouthful. This semi-sheer thong with silk sides is a slightly edgier take on the usual pink lingerie.

Only available on multi-month packages. 

Sexy pink white underwear

Sugared Melon

Confectioners sugar lace overlay belies a glowing melon pink. Soft, sweet, and in-season.

Pink thong lingerie with sheer overlay

Marzipan Bon Bon

The intricate detail of this sweet little German number defies description. The sheer thong is skirted so as to flatter, and tempt. Only available on six-month and year-long packages.

Thong with black bow

Napoleon's Mille-Feuille

Layers of goodness. Eyelash-lace in a delicate peachy-white, topped with a generous pure silk bow that you, or your friend, can tie, untie and retie.

Sexy black garter thong

Deep Dish Berry Cake

The deep blues and blacks of these berries are quite delectable. Removable garters deepen the attraction.  

Sexy cheeky boyshorts on model

Chocolate Sprinkles

At first you think you are only getting the sprinkles. Then you realize there is a whole serving of delight. Nearly-sheer mesh from cheek to hip, these are more than a sprinkling of fun.

Sexy white gstring underwear

Vanilla Twin Popsicles

Double the fun. Twin-sided and pure sweetness. Order them before they melt. 

Also, perfect for the bride. More on our bridal package . . . 

Sexy french lace panty

White & Black Truffle

Unadulterated luxury encased in a tiny refined package. These knickers are made of the highest quality French lace. Available in white and deepest black, in a tanga and a bikini.

Sexy lace up lace underwear

Double Dutch Cake

Naughty and nice. Nice and naughty. From the double lace-up thighs to the cheeky backside, whichever way you slice these knickers, they come out sweet.

Sexy string bikini on woman

Shave Ice

Just like the Hawaiian favorite, these string bikinis come in a range of yummy colors. Fine lace, riding just so on your back. Like a cool shave ice on a hot day; thirst-quenching and fun, tasting just as it should.

Sexy boyshort underwear

Pink Cotton Candy

A child’s treat all grown up. These knickers are made of French embroidered tulle, yet retain a fun-filled childish air. It can be fun to be all grown-up.

Sexy gstring underwear

Strawberry Shortcake

While baby pink, this g-string is undeniably adult. Elegant contrast-color stretch lace makes it perfectly delectable.

Sexy gstring underwear

Amuse Bouche

Back again by special request . . . Who knew something so tiny could be so over-the-top. Golden threads interwoven on black sit just so against your skin. Only available on six-month and year-long packages. 

Sexy all lace undewear


In black or blue, but never black and blue. This high-waisted knicker is covered in lace, yet structured and flattering.

Sexy silk bikini undewear

After-Dinner Liqueur

Sometimes you want to drink your sweets. These knickers are both decidedly decadent and definitely adult. Available in a range of fine silk flavors. Only available on multi-month packages. 

Sexy pink black lace panties

Raspberry Ribbon Tart

Pure silk in the deepest raspberry pink offsets stupendously intricate lace. While not tarty, this tart is filled with flavour. Also available in blueberry blue, if you so choose.

Sexy lavender yellow thong

Summer Sucker

A summer treat that is oh-so sugary sweet. Lavender sheer fabric accented with bright sunshine yellow lace. Avaialble in a thong (shown) and bikini style. 

Only available on new multi-month packages.

Sheer black and white bow underwear

Double Chip Cookie

What's better than a chip-filled cookie? One with a sweet removable bow in the back. Simple and smooth by day, playful and pouty by night. Chips ahoy!

Specialty sexy lingerie woman

Specialty Panties

Sometimes you want to mix it up. As in shaken, not stirred. For those times, we've selected a few ultra-luxe pairs of, ahem, rather racy knickers. Only upon special request. (NSFW) 

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Request A Specific Pair

If one of these styles particularly tickles your fancy, make a special request during checkout so we can customize to taste. (Please note that some knickers come in select sizes and limited quantities.)

If you care to, you can also take a peek at some panty styles from prior seasons .  .  . 



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There is a common misconception that all lingerie is hard to size. While bras are hard, knickers are easy. It’s just an extra small to an extra large. Not sure what to do? Your first guess is probably right. Or if you think she is between sizes, when you fill out our personalization quiz just select two—e.g. Medium and Large—and we’ll adjust accordingly. For the first month we’ll send an extra-stretchy pair, and she can then give us feedback for future months. Simple.


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Customized for the Occasion

The first month of your Enclosed subscription can be customized for an occasion: bridal, anniversary, birthday and other occasions. After the first month, much like a flower-of-the-month club, you get a different set of knickers each month tailored to your preferences. More on various occasions . . . 


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